Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Happy Jive Class

I think this is my happiest Jive class so far.

After work, Khim asked me and Tang to teach her last week's dance step as she didn't manage to attend it. We have some fun in the office and attract some colleagues' attention that might want to join. I went to have dinner with Tang and Man Yee as usual. Met Tang's little sister (Ah Bee), she somehow looks elder than Tang and I believe she is married as well. So, Tang's Aunt is younger than she is, and her little sister looks older than she does.

We are on time for the dance class, and Tang bought a pair of new dancing shoes (she seems determined in dancing). Actually, she was supposed to accompany Man Yee to buy the shoes, but end up she is the one buying while Man Yee didn't. Today we practice some old steps and learned a new sequence (involve some butt twisting). As the dance sequences got more complex, the more satisfying you are when you manage to complete them without making a mistake (even better if it is finished in a fast rhythm). Dancing (practicing) alone and together with a partner is a very different thing, and your partner's confidence and height have direct relationship with your satisfaction level. I dance with this girl who seems confidence and has the right height for me (I am quite tall for an Asian, 185cm, and it is not easy to find another tall girl), and I feel very happy and comfortable dancing with her. I am not very picky of my dance partner, so I enjoy dancing with everyone (just that you must have some basic confidence in dancing in order to enjoy it). Every couple is asked to perform in front of everyone as guts training and performance review, I think I did okay (no obvious mistake). I think there are two more Jive lesson before we move on to Cha Cha (hurray! I finally learned something artistic). Probably some of my colleagues might join us by then?

At the end of the lesson, two seniors (a couple) are supposed to start their class. The instructor asks them to demonstrate their Rumba dance, and their performance is very eye-catching and makes me envy them. It seems like as you get better at dancing, you would require a permanent dance partner to practice and synchronice your calligraphed dance. I shall take it easy at the moment, as seriousness takes all the fun away.

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