Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Pocket PC and Dance

A few years ago I bought a ASUS MYPAL A600 Pocket PC for a whopping RM 2200. In that period, 400 MHz Pocket PC is pretty new and is at its prime price. I bought it because I need a Pocket PC urgently and the other models look sucks. I was supposed to be in a joint venture business with a friend to develop mobile application for insurance agent, but the co-op went bad due to differences in expectation and I wasn't experienced enough in dealing with people in business. I end up doing freelance work by my own and sold the Pocket PC to my sis for a mere RM 400 one year later (special price).

Recently the device had some hardware problem, where input from the touch pen is no longer that sensitive, clinging on its end of life span. Since no one actually repair a Pocket PC cheaply, I advised her to get a new one instead. She like iPAQ because most of her colleagues uses iPAQs as well (seems like HP-COMPAQ is doing well in Pocket PC market segment). There are a few model ranging from RM 888, RM 1388, RM 1588 and above. Since bluetooth, WLAN, Camera and expansion slot is quite useless to her, I advice her to go for the cheapest one. I can't quite recall the iPAQ model that cost RM 888 (a bunch of not memory-friendly alphanumeric characters), but the model is on the verge of obsolete and every shop doesn’t have the stocks.

There is this very cool and informative salesperson who introduce ACER N30 to us, which have slightly higher performance and memory than the 888 model, plus Bluetooth and cost only RM 999. I would say it is quite a good bargain, since there seems to be no other options for Pocket PC lesser than RM 1000 (unless ACER is a sucks brand, which I dunno at this moment). I can see the salesperson as someone who are very techie, give informative analysis on product comparison and speaks good English (hard to find one among computer salesperson). In fact, he even volunteered to load in a lot of goodies software as well (it took him about an hour to do so, must have loaded a lot of stuff; save us the trouble to search for good software as well, definitely a Value Added Service). I was really impressed with the guy; he really shines among the others by the magnitude of 10x or more. I got a feeling he is either the store manager or the owner of the shop. This is the kind of Super Star Player I would like to have in my future corporation.

The same day was my dance class as well. Khim join the usual gang for dinner this time, but I didn't join them as it is already 8.00 pm when I sent my sis to her car. I went to the class directly, where the gang is already there. Today is the first lesson for Cha Cha. Michelle (nowadays I like to call her Mic or Mickey; she also have a guinea pig named Mickey) and Mei Ru couldn't join us as they are rushing for a project demonstration (I was kinda their supervisor for this project, thus felt a bit guilty leaving them). I found that Cha Cha is more elegant compared to Jive, and involved more hip movement. I like it, as it kinda train me to have a better posture. I think almost everyone in the class already bought or have a pair of dancing shoes, except me. I don't quite know the exact location of the dancing shoe shop, and I am lazy as well (excuse). Probably next time I would need to buy 2 pair of shoes, dancing and working shoes (it started to wear out pretty fast lately). Looking forward to the next class.

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