Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Super Dooper Busy Weekend

Last weekend was my super busy weekend, where I had to plan to work through Friday (I took leave), Saturday, Sunday and Monday (Labor Day). On Friday I started working on PCode (one of my customised product for a local factory), which I should be able to complete on that day itself, but I didn't. I work until 3.00 am and work up at 12 PM the next day, but I didn't manage to start work until 7.00 PM because I was feeling lazy and sleepy the entire day. Somehow I manage to complete PCode by 1.00 am and went to bed. The next working I have to wake up early at 7.30 AM to join my colleagues for cycling in Botanical Garden in Putrajaya (I will talk more about this in my next blog, if I can find the time). By the time I went home I was tired again and take a nap until 7.00 PM again. I don't feel like working, as I was stressful and need to something more enjoyable. So I end up editing my company's FY2005 kickoff video which I recorded two weeks ago. I felt happy doing it, but it is quite a tiring and tedious process as well. I finish editing by 3.00 am, and spent another hours enjoying my masterpiece before I went to bed.

I woke up at 12.00 PM again the next day and it was extremely hot (the previous days are hot as well). After lunch, I decide to catch a movie with my brother, to relax and enjoy some cool air-con at the same time (kill 2 birds with one stone). We watched Divergence, which was quite an okay movie (3 stars out of 5), but it does have some interesting twist of how 3 different people cross path. I managed to pick up the latest chapter of my favorite comic as well, FEEL 100% (百分百感覺) episode 14 (it had been more than few years since the last release, the author must be lazier than me). We went for tea at Kim Garry before go home. It was hot at home and I was feeling tired, so I hit the bed again. I woke up about 7.00 PM and decide to skip dinner as I was feeling rather guilty for not completing my work as planned. I have a look at the next project where I was supposed to finish by tomorrow but haven't even started yet. I found that the requirement is incomplete and wrote an email to ask for more information. At 1.00 am I decide to call it a day, as I need to wake up early for work the next day.

It seems like I didn't achieve much over the weekend. I think I pressured myself too much by planning too much work in a really short period, and it is a total disaster. The trick is to break big task into many smaller tasks, and handle them one at a time. By time is against me this time, and I end up accomplishing less than normally I would have. I need more discipline and focus, or maybe an air-con at home would help (or make it worst).

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