Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Firefly and Mother's Day

It seems like when there are a lot of things to be done (under pressure); I slack in blogging and work as well. Totally unproductive and uncool. I always tell people I don't have the time, as I am too busy, but maybe it is because I am wasting too much time. I am procrastinating to escape from facing the problem, thus choosing the easy way out like watching movie and sleeping. I am a bad and lazy boy (or man).

On Friday night I was pretty tired as I didn't have enough sleep throughout the week (cause I like to stay up late for no reasons). I decide to sleep earlier and wake up early the next day to complete my work. As usual, the plan didn't work quite well. I woke up at 12:00 PM. Chim call me and told me that we must leave for Kuala Selangor earlier than expected. We are supposed to leave at 4.30 PM to Kuala Selangor for firefly watching, but his friends told him that the journey would take 2 hours rather than 1. Since I am going out again at 3.30 PM, I sort of give in to the seduction of laziness again. Rather to work on my freelance work, I end up playing PS2 King Arthur with my brother (I bought the game during lunch, I am so totally screwed and hopeless).

Rathi came to my house at 3.15 PM. She was supposed to car pool with me. I reach Chim's designated place after going through some pretty bad traffic. It seems like there is a mild traffic in PJ, but super bad traffic in Sg. Buloh (exit place from KL to Kuala Selangor). Everyone arrive one hour later than me. We have to go through one hour of bad traffic along Sg. Buloh and another hour of smooth and confusing driving before we reach Kuala Selangor. Karthik & wife arrive slightly earlier than we do, and we have some chit chat and camera/video session. We are having seafood dinner at Firefly Park Resort, but the food is totally no good (don't eat here, please). 1/3 of the people didn't turn up on time, as there are stucked in the Sg. Buluh traffic jam. We proceed to the firefly watching after the dinner. There are a few spots for firefly watching in Kuala Selangor. 4 years ago I went to another sport which bring us to firefly watching along the river using a sampan. The sampan was pretty small, but it was pretty fun as well. This time they ferry us in a big electric boat, which could fit in 10 person or so. Plus, camera is not allowed. The old man at the jetty scolded me for switching on my DV, and threatens to fine me RM 500. That takes all the fun away from me, damn the old man (you could be less grumpy and friendlier, you know?). I have the privilege to sit in front of the boat (I get the front sit during Taman Negara boat safari as well). There is quite a lot of firefly in some of the trees (look like a Christmas tree), and the sight is pretty cool. We manage to catch a few firefly, but a kid broke one of the firefly's wing. It is sad for not able to capture this amazing moment using my DV. The boat rides last for 15 minutes or so. We have a group photo session before driving home. On the way back, we overshot 20 km in the wrong direction because we missed a signboard (actually, there is no signboard as it is removed due to some road construction). We finally reach KL after 2 hours journey. I continue with PS2 King Arthur when I reach home until 2.00 AM, and have to wake up at 7.30 AM for my Sunday jog with Mei Ru and Michelle.

On Sunday morning, I jog for one round around Bukit Jalil Park (must do better next time), Mei Ru jogs for 2 rounds (she seems so light and easy) and Michelle just walk all the way (lazy Mickey, her nickname). I continue walking a few more rounds and climb some stairs, all part of the KK training. We went for breakfast at AliSon Restaurant (fed-up with Tim Sum breakfast at Sri Petaling already) and chat until 12:00 PM before going home. As usual, I end up sleeping again and woke up for Mother's day celebration with Mom and Grandma (she came for visit from Taiping). Bro didn't join us because he was not in good mood. Since Mother's day fall on Chu Yi (初一, 1st day of the month in Chinese Calendar) and Grandma must be vegetarian on Chu Yi , so we went to a Vegetarian restaurant. My aunt and her daughter and friends came to visit during that time, so we went for dinner together. Looking at my cousin sister, somehow I feel that town girl is much better than a city girl, in terms of candidate for a girlfriend. Probably because they are less fussy and easier to be together with. They have less expectation and like to take care of others, which is a superb quality in a relationship.

There goes my weekend again, end up doing no work at all. It seems my laziness is kicking in as habit and becoming a trend. If things don't changed next weekend, I am screwed, again.

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