Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Jive is here to stay; at least a while longer

Yesterday was my fifth dance class, where I have one more lesson before Jive basic lesson is completed. I think I danced the most this time and I really enjoyed it. I never get tired repeating the same sequence, strange. My conclusion for today is I like dancing a lot and I do enjoy dancing with the tall girl from the other day (yet to get her name). I guess I shall continue with dancing for a while longer.

Just found out Man Yee's name is actually Yee Man or Yi Man or Li Man or izzit Mun. In fact, I never take initiative to know the name of others. My concept is if you don't talk often enough with them, you will forget their name anyway. If you talk often enough, you would eventually get their name :) The girls had bought their new dancing shoes, when should I go and get one.

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