Friday, April 22, 2005

Super Boring Dinner

Two days ago was my company's financial year kick-off dinner. This time is a big event as two listed company merged (not official yet) with a total of 600 workforce, trying to be the biggest player in local market. They try to get people from different company to sit within the same table and mingle (for unity sake), but that didn't work very well (as expected).

I brought along my DV to capture some interesting moments, but I didn't get much shots as everyone of us have a wear the same blue denim. There isn't much variety, except trying to capture some pretty girls (some are camera shy and not very friendly towards the cameraman as well). We are encourage to decorate our denim shirt with add-ons, I manage to find a few creative design among my fellow colleagues, especially the girl with a teddy bear on her shoulder and some cartoon patches.

The night is pretty boring as usual, with food and beer, complements by lousy MC and super sucks magician entertainer (I think these guys are kiddy entertainer). There is one interesting drama where head of companies acted in, which is pretty funny and anonymously voted as the highlight of the night. The bosses are pretty sporting, and the drama manage to promote unity in a fun way. As usual I would leave earlier as I need to hitch a ride with Rocklon. Didn't manage to see who won the best dress contest, but I would guess the most popular one (people always win by popularity vote in these events, not by substance).

One thing good about the night is Kenny actually take the initiative to ask a girl for drinks after the dinner (her friend came along as well). Man of action finally, good for you.

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