Monday, April 18, 2005

Casino Chip Infomation System (CIS)

A few month ago I have this brilliant idea of putting RFID into Casino chip for 3 purposes: i) Chip Authentication ii) Gambling Behavior Analysis iii) Possible Fraud Detection. Since my brother said he had some contact in the local casino, I decide to build a prototype and POC (Proof of Concept). I manage to get my hands on a RFID kit from a friend (save me a few thousand to purchase an entry-level kit) and manage to complete the prototype after few months of inconsistent part time effort. I shall record the POC using my DV to create a redistributable DEMO.

Houston, I've a few tiny problems. First, my bro somehow chicken out in introducing me to the casino guy (probably he feel embarrassed and uneasy about approaching someone for favor, as he is really an introvert in denial). Now I have no one to show the prototype to. My immediate action plan is to put the demo up on the Internet and hopefully some Casino guy would come across it (slim chance though). Next, I would need to seek out friends' help, hopefully their someone knows someone (maybe). Thirdly, I would need to make some brave attempt to knock on the local casino's door (the hardest: direct selling).

There are a few obvious challenges. Firstly, I am not a well-known established vendor; thus the Casino might doubt my capability in completing the project. Secondly, I do not have the resources to complete the entire project; thus I need funding or down payment from my potential customer. Thirdly, I need to find a visionary customer to believe and have faith in my offering. Probably I could have a Joint Venture with the Casino to come out with the product, or I could try to approach some Venture Cap.

I strongly believe the product is excellence, workable and valuable; now I just need to convince someone.

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