Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Saturday Nite Fever!

It seems like I having a hard time remembering what is going on for the past few days, but here it goes. Sunday I went jogging with Mei Ru and Nicole, as part of our climbing Mt. KK training. Last week I was late, and this week Nicole is late because she expects me to be late. After one round of jog around the park, I don't I can run anymore for the rest of the day (more training needed). Since we are already fed up with Tim Sum at Sri Petaling, we visit the AliSon Food Stalls for breakfast instead.

The night before Tang, Michelle, Mei Ru and I have a movie night out to watch the Pacifier. The movie is so so, since it is Disney movie and are meant for kids anyway. We have dinner at Low Yat and we have a long chat that I don't even remembered what is it all about. After the dinner, Tang and I went to a pub in Sri Hartamas to join her friend Elva, which had just registered earlier that day. Wai Ling is there as well, and she was the one who ask me to join. At first it was quite boring upstairs, cause the pool tables are fully occupied and the dance floor is pathetic. Soon Tang and I found some entertainment downstairs while buying our drinks: Table Football. Though I am not a big fan, but that's the best we got. After 5 minutes, I am addicted to it and we had a really good time. I can see everyone laughing and blued to the game and behaving strangely, which is good. Good and funny strategy started to develop as well, especially for the guys. The girls are not bad as well. Today I found out Tang is not much of a pool person. We went off at 1 am and I sent Tang home. I reach home about 1.30 am. The next morning I went for the morning jog, this is killing me.

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