Tuesday, November 01, 2005

I can only say I like you

Sometimes it is very funny, when someone admitted they like you; you would uncontrollably ask "What do you like about me?" or "How much do you understand me?”

There can be a thousand reasons why we like someone, but is reasons the main point? For a sweet talker, he can say you are cute, pretty, smart and friendly. For a non-talker, he probably doesn’t know what to say and answer "Ehhh ...” Or even worst, he might say the wrong thing or say "Because I like you lor!” But I like the non-talker's answer, "Because I like you". We as logical being always tries to reason thing, thus we need to be convinced that someone like us for the right reason, and a sweet talker usually can get away easily and provide a safe and correct answer. Like or love is a state of emotion and feelings based on interaction with the person we like, and the feelings happened subconsciously, affected by many elements. If the feelings do exist, it already proves that it is real (though it does not guarantee practicality and happiness). If someone asks "What do you like about me?” shouldn't "Because I like you" suffice? Perhaps it is a bit simple and unromantic, how about "Because my heart had fall for you". No? Some might think this lazy bump can't even take some time to figure out a good reason. Can't we settle for simplicity based on the most truthful answer that our heart had given us? Can't we use more of our emotional side than logical part to handle love? How about "I can think of a thousand a thousand reasons why I like you, but that isn't important. Most important is my heart told me he likes you a lot, and I believe him". Sounds better? I am not much of a sweet-talker anyway, thus won't be able to create a good line even though I crack my head for the whole night. What I am trying to say is reasons are just the side dishes; the main course is the emotions itself. Though there are not much words attached to it, but I can put your hand on my heart and look into your eyes and say "I can only say I love you" (you can choose between "like" or "love" depending on your interpretation, some say only the degree separate them). Isn't it simple and all that is required to know if someone like you, though what happened after that is a total different ball game.

How about "How much do you understand me?". Frankly, how much could we possibly understand a person, even though they are our family or soul mate. Sometimes we even have to take time to understand ourselves. Understanding is not for me to claim, but how much do you think we can tolerate each other and be together. The question shouldn't be asked in the first place, as the one who asked should had felt how much the person understand him or her. Is a dead end question where the answer could never be "I totally understand you". For those who are very observant, they can answer "I know your favourite colour is ... I know you like ... I know you care about ..." and still manage to do a good job. For non-talker, you need to observe them in return to get the gem out of them. How about "I admit I don't have a very deep understanding of you, but I would love to know you more". I am definitely not a talker, please don't try my line. Sometimes we just have to take some risk based on limited but sufficient understanding, in order to gain greater understanding which would require us to work together.

Is answer all that important? But since we can't felt what the other person felt, we would require an answer as the medium to transfer the feelings. Sometimes observation or equal feelings might be a better choice than words itself. But we do need to be sweet and romantic from times to times, and perhaps some persistent and thick skin. Just be truthful and express it the way we are comfortable with. We can and should only do what we could, and others have the right to doubt us, thus we shall even be more truthful (stay on the course even if a lie or sweet talk sounds like a better alternative). Preferably, don't start a lie as it shall start another one, and there shall be no peace to it. Perhaps for love to bloom, it requires a combination of fate, feelings and logicality.


cyber-red said...

"i like you" back sounds like a safe answer.

by gauging the reasons behind his confession will make u know more ain't? at least u will know if he's making it up or not =P

d_luaz said...

hmm, then we have to learn to talk more then.

Elaine said...

actually, was thinking abt the same thing...

it's coz i like a guy but i was asking MYSELF actually, those questions, "what do i like about him?" and "do i even know him enough to say that i like him?"

but u know, i can't say i know him enough to say i like him and i also sometimes don't quite know what i like about him... there are some things but it's all so superficial things.

but it's just that.... i can only say i like you... and that's my feelings...

i hope he can accept that, i hope people can accept that, and i hope i can accept that.

d_luaz said...

Perhaps in its simplest form, we just need "I like you". (someone just told me love should be sponteneous, other reasons are just crap) I like that. But we human always choose reasoning and the complex ways. I support you, and you agree with me as well :) all the best, and I bless the truthful ones.