Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Enable Blogger Categories using

It is a fact that Blogger/Blogspot does not support posting categorisation, which is pretty frustrating. I know we are not supposed to complaint since it a free service anyway, but why they wouldn't want to include such feature if so many bloggers had asked for it (or izzit only me?). I am not gonna whine about, but to find a solution around it (more work, sigh!).

Some googling around brought me to How to Use for Blogger Categories. Yup! I had found the magical solution. I created a new for Blue Dragon and start posting my links to it (I manage to post 123 out of 127, 4 articles are missing and not being categorised). is an excellent folksonomy tool which excels at categorisation, and I absolutely love it. The only problem is I have to do the categorisation process manually (extra steps) every time I wrote an article, and I have to modify the side bar if I ever add a new category (no big deal!).

Below are the results of Blue Dragon categorisation (in ascending order in term of number of postings):
- Thoughts. For all my childish and deep thoughts.
- Diary. Like a personal diary of events and activities, about the things and people around me.
- Me & Stuff. About me and some other stuffs things that does not fit in Diary)
- Love & Relationship. My thoughts on love and relationship with the gals.
- Dancing. All the happy dancing memories.
- Review. Review of books, movies, products and etc.
- Serious Business. Serious stuffs.
- Travel. My travel experience.


John told me of Tagrolls which enable automatic display of tags as part of my blog. No more manual updating of tags (Hurray!).

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John said...

See the new " Tagroll" feature as a way to export your categories into your sidebar automatically.