Thursday, November 03, 2005

Happiness Had Found Me (幸福找上了我)

Few days ago I went for ice skating at Sunway Pyramid, and the girls had planned for my early birthday celebration. The night before Tang ask me to pick her up the next morning, as my birthday present was so "big" that she couldn't transport it by LRT. She seems pretty excited though, knowing her must be a chicky present. I have to drag myself up early the next morning (waking up early on holidays is extremely painful for me), and go pick up Tang and my birthday present. She wore perfume that morning, or at least it is the 1st time I had smelled it on a normal day. Since I am in KL, I shall pick up Mei Ru as well.

We meet Chooi for breakfast at Ming Tin (明天) Cafe. After the usual chit chatting and a few rounds of guessing game about the birthday present, we went for skating. It is early and the skating ring is dry and not crowded, which is prefect. I had always like skating or rollerblading, one of my favourite (if only I can improve myself and be better at it, thus having more fun and show off). Mei Ru is getting much better since the last time, and Chooi is picking up walking on ice pretty good as well. Tang was once my rollerblade buddy, thus have not much problem at skating. Saw this good looking kid who criticise Chooi's skating skill, kinda funny. The kid is a pretty good skater, thus helping other little girls to skate (what a gentleman and a skilful PLAYER). Then there is another plump kid who is pretty naughty and funny as well, who criticised and make fun of Mei Ru and Chooil. Tang helps the kid's cousin sister to conquer the fear and learned skating, a pretty good deed for the day (girls are always more helpful and caring). We have some fun with the kids, and pretty exhausted after two and a half hour of skating. I enjoyed the skating session very much, feeling the speed and coolness, breezing through the air and felt at light. I need to pick up a more relaxed style of skating, making the whole experience more enjoyable. I never quite went for any lessons, as it is all self experimenting and self learned. It would be nice if an expert could give me a tip or two.

We stop at 12:00 when they start to drive out the big machine to smoothen the ice. Michelle called and we proceed to One Utama (1U) for lunch, and to see the present as well. We settle for Italianne, perhaps it is Michelle's favourite place, or someone knows I like Italian food. The atmosphere of the restaurant is pretty good, as it is not crowded at all. The last time I am here the food wasn't that nice, but I was hopeful it would be better this time. Michelle curls her hair today and she look more mature and sweeter. I always like girl with black curly hair, found that kinda sexy and pretty. This place offered Italian bread with olive oil and vinegar, which I like it very much. We ordered a dish of mushroom, salmon pasta, chicken and seafood pizza. The mushroom is the appetizer, as it melts easily in your mouth with cheese, pretty light and good. The salmon pasta is not bad as well, with tomato and cream source, yum yum. Then we have the chicken with lotsa tomatoes, quite a good pick as well. The seafood pizza is large but so so only, we didn't manage to finish it. We took lots of pictures, especially with the big shiny green present.
After the good food and hours of happy chit chatting, it is time to opened the present. The hint is usually for guys (girls can use it as well), can be used and found in bedroom. Any takers? Ohh, before the present is the Secret Recipe Carrot Cheese Birthday Cake with birthday song from the staffs and my friends. I was asked to make a speech, but I am not much of a speech person, so "Thank you guys". We was pretty full by then, so the birthday cake is quite a torture by then (and I get to pack a whole lot of them home as well). Okay, back to the present, any takers? Tang was pretty creative this time as well, and I have to give her credit for that. When I first opened the box, I saw a little girl bra and panties. I was thinking, "Do I look like a pervert?” Then Tang shows me the goodies that lie within. There was a pair of boobies under the bra, and they do feel pretty good (though they are not Silicon based, but it is pretty good). They even have nipples on it, though there is no differentiation of colours. She and Li Mun cut out a body figure and wrap it with back papers to make it look more elegant. Then she sticks these two boobies on the figure, and wore the bra and panties on it. They even use paper clips to make a necklace for her, and take time to reshape the box to fit in the present. Though this is might not be the present I am looking forward to (though I won't mind a real girl), but I do appreciate it, due to the effort (心思). Much thought and work had been given to it, and it is the thought and little things that count. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

Let’s talk more about the present. I nicked named her Happiness (幸福), and her short name is Ah Fook (阿福). Her idol name is Mew Mew, as that is the brand of her bra and panties. I shall take care of her well. We have about an hour of crappy jokes about happiness until I felt muscle pain on my cheek. The jokes revolve around "my mom shall find a wife for me once she saw happiness", "the more I squeeze, the bigger they shall become", "next year they shall upgrade her to B cup for me FOC", "I shall take good care of her and shall never be lonely again", etc. Tang talked about her experience in buying the gift, you would have to ask her if you want a pair or more for yourself. We left shortly after, and went to cloth shopping for Happiness, haha.

I really appreciate the effort and attention (有心就好了). I do felt very happy, thank you. Happy Birthday to me!

PS: Tang had yet to passed me the goodies photo, will post them up once I have them.

PS: Too many things happens within the holidays, so little time to write, so much to do.

Photo Link: Tang's DropShot


meiru said...

So you really gotta treat fuk mui (福妹) very well ar! don't waste Tang's and Li Mun's effort and our money..haha..

p/s: tell u what, u really look like a pervert! hahhahha...

meiru said...

Just watched a TV show about some good food in Hunan. They introduced a soup called "Soup of Happiness" (幸福汤). Hahahaha, the name of the soup makes me think of your 幸福. The cook was asked why they name the soup 幸福汤, the cook then asked "Is the soup tasty?", "Do you feel happy after drinking it?" ..hahahha..

So since 福妹 can make you happy, I guess we all also gave her a right name! :)

d_luaz said...

Haha, only if she could make me happy. Anyway, she reminds me of happiness, which shall do the trick as well.