Friday, November 04, 2005

Can I give you Happiness? (我可以给你幸福吗?)

Suddenly though of this, perhaps guys can only fall for girls who they believe they could contribute to her happiness. I think guys always want to be useful, or at least feel useful. In a relationship, he wants to have a role to play, be a provider and contributor. On the surface, it might seems like the guy only tries to provide financially. But in fact, he is trying to provide for her happiness. He would only feel useful, wanted and appreciated if he could make her happy and see her smile. If somehow the girl is not satisfied with him, perhaps he would try harder or give up. Somehow, the ultimate aim is still to make the one we love happy.

Somehow I try to figure out why I don’t fall for certain girls, while I fall for others. I believe the ability to provide happiness is not all that matter, but it does have a certain role to play. If I feel I can't possibly make her happy (or at least it would be difficult), I would probably be turned off no matter how attractive she is. If she is someone I like, and seems to be easily appreciate what I have to offer, I would probably like her more. By giving her happiness I felt happier myself. Perhaps we could only achieve happiness by giving others the very thing we desire. I happens to like the girl which I could gave the most happiness to, while I retreat myself when I felt I can no longer do such magic.

For those who desire a lot from a guy (or at least, trying to look for the best guy) would probably find it difficult to find one (though you could seduce them). Somehow, the ability to be happy is a natural seduction which works very well. A girl can seduce a guy in many ways, some are on purpose, while others are natural. Like all health and cosmetic products, we like the natural one. Who you could gave happiness to? Who you could get happiness from? Some interesting questions worth pondering, perhaps get some unexpected results as well.


MrFin said...

You are very wise in your thoughts. I have chosen to share your words with my girlfriend today.

Columbus, Ohio

d_luaz said...

Hope you could gave her some happiness today :)