Monday, November 14, 2005

A Tale about Dori the Fish

Dori the Fish is a conventional girl, not too adventurous in life but very playful. Somehow I believe she is a very kind person, and I said she is a good wife material. Perhaps I have an impression that she might be pure and naïve, as if not touched by the ugly side of human nature. Like a little angel, though sometimes could be naughty and lazy.

I know her for quite a while, and I think our relationship had always been pleasant. I believe she is a capable person, and smart in certain ways. I can entrust things to her, though I might need to keep an eye on her from time to time so that she doesn’t deviate too much, and also to give her some small guidance. Sometimes I might be too harsh on her, thus need to control myself and my volume a bit. I would always like her to be on my team, but we had only worked together once. I believe she had the potential, just that sometimes she might be a bit at lost. Sometimes I felt that I need to give her some advice , so that she can find what she is looking for in work and career.

As a friend, she had always been great. I can only recall all the happy moments, and we are quite compatible with each other as well. We can have a lot of fun together, and we talk a lot of funny things together (notice it from out video together). I think we had countless activities together, and I enjoyed every single one of them. She is someone nice and comfortable to be with, and can be fun and rebellious in her small ways. Whenever I saw her, I can always expect a smile on her face. A happy girl. She is quite active in organising activities for the gang, and I appreciate that a lot. Whenever possible, I will try to be the No.1 supporter for all her activities. I guess she is still young at heart and try to have many fun with friends, so am I.

She is not all that perfect, and no one is supposed to be. I think she is a pampered girl, taken care well by the family and the boyfriend. There is always someone to look after her, to nag her. She never has the chance left home to stay outside, thus not able to experience a bit of independent life. Sometimes she felt at lost, as she have no idea what she wanted in life. I think she is still seeking for the answer, and I hope she will find it one day. I believe I have some influence on her life, advising her a thing or two about dream and life. Sometimes I try to “challenge” her a bit, so that she would dare to take some small steps to take control of her life, to make decision and to be just a little bit more independent. I try to encourage and support her in small little ways, hopeful that she will somehow manage to find herself and be happy of herself. I think she somehow influenced my life and way of thinking as well, to be more sentimental (something which I might have forgotten).

She is a sentimental and shy girl, with many small inner thoughts which sometimes she shares with me. She had been more open with me since the first time we meet, and our conversation had become more enjoyable. We share many things in life and thoughts, which kinda bond us closer. Besides, our sharing does last long, and it isn’t just another short term thing. I am not sure how long this shall last, but I certainly do appreciate it.

If she is all that nice and compatible with me, do I like her? I do like her, as she is really one of a kind. If she is single, I would have asked for her. Actually I am not worry about the boyfriend, but more for her. Sometimes she doesn’t have a strong and determined mind, thus making difficult choices could be quite painful for her. If I offered to take her hand, could she decide? Somehow I am very worry to put her in a very difficult situation. She had a caring and trustworthy boyfriend, a boyfriend who might marry her in the near future. Maybe he isn’t very understanding of her needs and sometimes undermined her, and perhaps a little bad tempered and too serious as well. He is very serious about her, and could easily offer her a lifetime commitment. I on the other hand is a playful child (perhaps just like her), and be viewed as flower-hearted by her as well. I kinda think she felt that I am too “wild” for her, and I am afraid she might doubt my sincerity and loyalty in the future, thus bring her sadness. If she is the one, I can’t promise commitment easily, but I certainly can offer sincerity and loyalty, and the oath to try my best to make her happy. The claim from me doesn’t matter, more important is her faith in me. Perhaps timing is of essence here, I think some time would help us to sort things out. I am hopeful. At the same time, I worry too much for her. Sometimes, we never asked for the one which we cared most, as we afraid that we might hurt her and lost her. She had some complaints of me, but I can only do my best :)

Sometimes the ability to be together and live happily very after is more than just like and love, it requires fate and faith, and perhaps a little bit of courage.

PS: Once she told she might be breaking up with her boyfriend, and I actually felt hopeful about that. I still hope she would make a choice which she won’t regret and be happy.

PS: I really like her gift.

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