Monday, November 28, 2005

Trying does not Guarantee Success, but not trying Guarantee Failure

This morning while listening to the radio I heard this phrase supposing said by Bill Clinton, “Trying does not Guarantee Success, but not trying Guarantee Failure”. Sometimes in life we are so afraid or worry to try something new, that we gave up even before trying, because we are afraid of the risk, afraid of failing, afraid of loosing and afraid of the pain. Unknowingly, we instantly fail just by just giving up. By unwilling to try and explore, we seal our fate as a failure.

On last weekend, I watch a Taiwan TV Show “Super Generation”, where the topic is on whether we would like to have kids. On one side they have the parents trying to persuade a few young girls on the happiness of having kids on the other side. These girls (pretty and in their early 20’s) have no intention of having children, with a bunch of fear and excuses. They are afraid of financial problem (thus husband need to be rich), afraid they might get fat after labour, afraid that the child might turn bad, afraid of emotional pressure, found it to be pointless and etc. What they said are valid, but if we are too worrisome, how could we live life normally? We can worry about the sky falling, hit by a car while on the road, or being cheated by a bad boyfriend (does that means you shall not look for a boyfriend?).

A very smart women raised a very critical observation and analysis, saying “On one side we have the parents who are Problem Solver. Though they don’t have all the solutions immediately, but they dare to commit and try to solve the problems which arise slowly. On the other side we have the young ladies who are Problem Avoider. They thought of a whole bunch of problems and decide not to face them instead.” Given the same set of problems, depending on your perception, you could choose to face them or run away. There is no right and wrong, just choices in life. But how many times could we run away from problem? Every time I try to run away, I felt like a part of me is taken away, felt like loosing myself for being a coward (and it shall come back to haunt me from time to time).

Thus, it is important for me to try everything which I am hopeful of, so that I shall know and I shall not regret. I might not have lots of guts, but sometimes I manage to squeeze some out (Guts squeezing need practices). Need to have guts to get out of my safety zone to fulfil my dream, rather than talking and whining about it every now and then. When I have a brilliant idea, I want to execute it. When I found a girl I like, I want to let her know. Whether success or not it doesn’t quite matter, at least I had done all I could. I might have done it wrongly, but aren't we all learning?

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