Friday, November 04, 2005

Happy Birthday Again

Yesterday was a happy day, as I have a 2nd birthday celebration with someone special, someone who would plan a full day celebration for me (it was really sweet and nice). I enjoyed her company and appreciated her effort very much, though she just looks funny at times.

I have to drag myself up again (not too early this time), for all it is worth it. There was a sudden change of plan in the morning, where the venue had been switch from Pizza Uno in Centre Point to Lot 10. I drive to KL and park my care in Berjaya Time Square, thus walking to Lot 10. From far I can see her in purple blouse and jeans, looking extremely bored. Most of the shops had not opened yet, thus she doesn't have much to do (luckily I am on time). She brings me to her favourite wedges place, L'Opera which served Italian food, perfect. The restaurant is pretty quiet and cosy, which is just nice. It is still too early for lunch and it is a public holiday, thus we could do without the crowd and enjoyed the serenity. We have this nice seat next to the window, with good weather outside and no other customer around us. It is as if we had booked the entire restaurant, haha. The atmosphere can't get more perfect than this.

All the dishes on the menu looks delicious, they are my favourites after all. She ordered Chicken Lasagne, Potato Wedges (she had been telling me this for edges, RM 10 for a whole lot) and Mr. Bean (a vanilla and chocolate drink). I had ravioli and another chocolate drink. The food and drinks took quite a while to arrive, so we have our usual chit chat. Sometimes I wonder would we ever run out of topics, but I guess people who spent time together would always come up with some new topics. Luckily she is an extrovert and talkative person; else I would bore her to death. She then told me she had booked for 2 movies at Time Square, one for me and one for her. I finally got to watch "All About Love", while she picked Corpse Bride (movie marathon). She cancelled the plan to Pizza Uno because she couldn't book the tickets at One Utama, thus she went out early this morning to buy the ticket from Time Square instead (very thoughtful of her, thank you for such detailed planning). Besides, L'Opera is quite a nice place and I haven't been there before, the plan only changed for the better. The food arrived after quite a while, and it is pretty good. I like my Ravioli the best, but it should have more fish paste within each packet of pasta, but it was nevertheless taste good. Her chicken lasagne is pretty nice as well, but I am not much a lasagne person as I found it too saucy. She proclaims her lasagne as her happiness (幸福), and I could see the all naive smiles on her face. Simple things in life are really nice. The drinks are thick and yummy, and the wedges are tasty and crunchy (but we are already too full to finish it all up). It took us quite a while to finish the food, but we have the time and some topics to kill time. It is a nice treat, and I really enjoyed it. The bill easily exceeds one hundred bucks, and I kinda feel bad (and I think never a girl spent more than one hundred for me in a meal), thus decide to pay for the Tiramisu instead later tonight.

We walked over to Sungei Wang and BB Plaza to help her pick up some stuff, thus it is shopping time. As we walked passed Sungei Wang, there is shop filled with women customers, while the guys and little kids stand around the shop waiting for their spouse and mommy. Kinda funny, but fact of life. After some shopping around between 2 shops, she finally got what she is looking for at reasonable price and perfect fit. Sometimes, the salesperson really need to say the right thing to close the sale instantly, thus you have to read in between the lines to understand what the customer wants.

After a short and successful shopping trip, we proceed to the movies. Outside the cinema are these human size posters of a new move: A Chinese Tall Story (情癫大圣), which looks pretty impressive and funny (probably too funny, hopeful it is a good catch which doesn't disappoint me). The first movie in place is "All About Love", and it is a sad sad sad story. It is kinda gloomy to watch this on birthday celebration, but it is my pick after all and I like it, though sad. I could hear a few people cries in the cinema, as 2 persons have to die in the movie. I got a slight headache after the movie, probably too many thoughts and emotions had been brought up. The next in line Corpse Bride, which have some sad elements in it as well, but it can be pretty funny as well. As the usual Tim Burton's style, the underworld would be ever so lively while the land of the living is so dull. The movie ended with happiness for some, and sadness for others, as it always had been. After the movies, we can sense that sadness had filled the air.

She said she can't accompany me for dinner, as she had some work to follow up with. I kinda expected that, as she had reshuffled her work to squeeze time for today, and there is a business call in between the movies. It is fated than for me not to have the chance to buy her Tiramisu, so I sent her home. She left in quite a hurry, so I just say "Thank You". She is one of those straightforward girl, and perhaps naive in the very little sense. She can be close yet far, guess I just have to learn to accept who she is. I have great time (though I could have a greater time with the Tiramisu, perhaps that is meant for another time). THANK YOU :) You are my favourite, hehe.


Anonymous said...

Hey, where's the plc to hv the best tiramisu? Alexis? I LURVE their tiramisu!!!

Since u didn't tell me when's yr bday, I'll just assume ... today??

Happy Birthday!


d_luaz said...

I have yet to know the place, but it is supposed to be somewhere in Bangsar? Where is Alexis? I wanna try also.

Nope, not today. But thank you :) I appreciate that.