Sunday, November 13, 2005

I have no Talent

I really believe I have not much in born talent in me, but somehow I manage to achieve academic excellence throughout all the years. Perhaps discipline and hard work had much to do with it, or because I had trapped myself ever since I hit the No. 1 spot in Standard One. Being at the No.1 is quite painful, as there is no room for progress and a whole bunch of people is waiting to overtake you from behind. The only motivation for me is that I don’t wanna loose, as the feelings sucks and it would put too much psychological pressure on me. Though it is painful, but it had made me a much stronger and confident person. Perhaps I have a little bit of intelligent in me as well, giving me the ability to strategise and make the best effort out of what I had and what I know. I am proud of the ability within me, perhaps it is a gift after all.

Who had talent then? I came across a few people which I think they are talented, because they really shine and usually do things out of the conventional box.

The first talented person I came across is Ong You Yang, a senior in my secondary school. He is extremely talented in art, where his masterpiece is really stunning. He can draw wall mural the way I can’t. He can think of ways to enhance his art, and I indirectly learned from him. He is good in his studies as well, probably the best in school for his year. Though I am the best in school for my year as well, but I kinda felt he had more talent and potential than me. He can reach greater heights. I wonder how he is doing now.

The second person I know of is Cheng Mun Wai, my college mate and ex-colleague. Probably the two of us had the most algorithmic intensive responsibility in our Research & Development work. He focuses on Image Processing, while I do Pattern Recognition. Though both of us can accomplish our task equally well, but I do felt he had an edge over me. I was never quite creative, but I do read a lot and try to implement new ideas in my work. Mun Wai probably read even more then me (he sort of inspire me to read and learn more), and he can implement things in exceptional ways. I usually like the simple and normal ways, with a bit of enhancement perhaps. But Mun Wai likes the outstanding way, a way which mediocre people probably don’t understand or can’t even think of it in their life time. He is smart, and probably talented in some ways.

The next person is probably Kenneth Lim. Maybe he is not talented, but I respect his entrepreneur spirit. He is definitely not the best in class, but he had his dream and stick with it. He started a business even during college, and proceeds with even a greater venture after college. Though sometimes I doubt his ways, but he is definitely a greater risk taker with better persistency than me. Another guy probably is Danny, but I don’t know him personally. I get to know him through Li Mun, and he had quite a good establishment at the age of 23. I have respect for all entrepreneurs, and probably they have talent in starting a business.

It is a blessing if we have talent, but we can still succeed without one (just that it requires more hard work and to figure out how to work with what we have). Have faith to get us started, have confidence to support us, have persistent to keep us going.


minishorts said...

hi hi... just wondering. your blog... urm.. it is a place for students to get ideas and learn from a more experienced person izzit?

d_luaz said...

oh man. I have minishorts on board, I feel so honoured :) hmm, I am not quite sure what is the purpose, as the topic got fired up out of some conversation with some friends. It is a coincidence SPM is near, anyway it is already too late for them. Perhaps a little bit of bragging, and also to find out if anyone did the same as I did. Totally no idea if anyone would actually follow my foot steps.

PS: Can I guest blog at minishorts? Can I? Can I?