Friday, November 18, 2005

Mickey found me

I like to nick Michelle as Mickey, because it sounds cute, and also to avoid spelling mistake like Michael, Mitchell, Michelin and alike. Somehow Mich sounds like a guy name (Mitch), thus I don't like to use it. Anyway, I have to officially declare she is the 3rd person (which I am close to) to find my blog, after Mei Ru and Christine.

Mickey know of the existence of my blog sometime ago when Christine wrote about it in her blog and start mailing to everyone she knows. Being her curious self, she starts searching for it. She found an abandoned blog of mine at, "Mind Boggling Thought". The blog doesn't seem to disappear even though I had deleted the blog from Blogspot, and now I have totally no control over it. She seems pretty excited about it, but I just kept my silence. But I did told her it is an old blog of mine, not sure if she get the meaning in between the words. I even go to a certain extend to remove certain links, just to make sure no one find it, even though Blue Dragon's existence is exposed.

Perhaps it is fated that a few days ago, she found my blog while searching for some dance related stuff, William and Luisa to be precise. I had kinda expected people I know to find my blog sooner or later, as the exposure of Blue Dragon is increasing slowly. But I do like to keep Blue Dragon low profile among the people I know, as it is kinda difficult to write about them when I know they are reading. It kinda becomes less sincere and truthful.

In the beginning, I blog without much concerns to others, as it is just me who is reading and writing. After the two Miss 8 (8 婆仔) had found my blog, I practiced certain constraints and tend to blog less about my personal feelings and relationship. Now with the arrival of Mickey, I think I would start using Nick to name sensitive people. Probably I would need to replace some old postings with Nick, rather than using the real name. Anyway, people who know me well enough and read my blog thoroughly will be able to figure out who those Nicks are. So, it is only meant to be known by those who care :)

PS: Mickey, well come to the Club (Mickey Mouse Club?). Ever considering blogging yourself?


Mich said...

Blog..??? yaah i considered it before but very lazy to maintain it. Anyway is a good place to express my feelings too. e.g some good dancer i met , some good dancer i wish to see him/ her dance over and over again. hmmmm... can be considered

hmmmm... Let's see how creative u r in giving ppl some nick name.. :)

Mickey aka Mich.. :)

christine said...

Yeah!!!!Congratulation to Mick! You found Des's blog.....Welcome to join the group of Miss 8 togehter with Meiru and Me!!!!!Des, see how you can write your personal sensitive things(even though you use nick name)with so many Miss 8 to read your blog, hahahahaha.......Now, it is the time to test your writing skills!

meiru said...

So should we form a "Miss 8 Club"? hahahha.. actually the club was officially formed on chinese calendar 14/7, Christine remember? hahaha.. now we got a new member!! Yeah, welcome mich! Let's see who's next ...heheh.. ;)