Thursday, November 17, 2005

Can Ah Kit be the man to clean up Corruption in the Country?

I take notice of Lim Kit Siang blog about a month ago, but I didn't read much about it, as politic is not exactly my favourite topic. But I got to give him some credits and respect for being an old man and politician who blogs frequently (he is the only politician whom I know of blogging). I know him as a verbal person, but blogging? I have to give him extra points for the initiative.

I visited his blog again recently due to his frequent Ping to PPS, which I found his criticisms pretty amusing and sometimes speak the mind of the public. It is like "It seems pretty obvious person XXX is corrupted (everyone seems to think so), why is there no action taken or no further news about it?”

Then I have an idea, since he is a verbal and brave man who are not afraid of people bombing his car or burning his house, why not put him in charge of the Anti Corruption Agency (ACA). I mean he would be the best person, as he keep asking and criticising why no further action is taken on people who are suspicious or guilty of corruption. If he were the head of ACA, he would tell his konco-konco, "Hey you, go and nail this bastard.” The konco-knoco will say, "But, he is the son/daughter/relative/ally of a powerful person", while his replied would be, "So? I already exposed him/her in my blog. I have a reputation to keep, and we must nail him to keep the public happy. Besides, everyone know he is corrupted, Muahahaha!”

Seriously, I think Ah Kit is a good candidate to clear up corruption is this country. Why?
  • He is from the opposition. Thus he would be glad to clean up all the high-ranking government officers, which are mostly from his rival party.
  • He dare to criticise even the more powerful people in public. Thus I assume he is verbal and brave, and not afraid of personal threat (probably he is already immune to death threat).
  • He talks too much already, it is time to give him some serious work to do.
  • Someone need to do the dirty job, and he seems perfect as a lot of politicians already hate his guts.
  • He seems smart, inspirational, charismatic and most important of all, he blogs. As an old politician who blogs, I am sure he is capable of many things.
  • I want to see him as the most feared person in the country by corruptors. Ah Kit, the Corruption Buster. We need a hero, someone mulut celupar and kang ho.
Probably Ah Kit should team up with Jeff Ooi as well, and all the detail of personal indicted by the ACA lead by Ah Kit shall be exposed on his blog (total transparency, start the exposion spree). Among all the politicians, I like Pak Lah the most. I like him as a humble person, and his dedication to stop corruption (which is the root of many evil). Drastic time call for drastic situation. If your enemy is the best man for the job, don't be afraid to use him. Probably my second favourite is Ah Kit, as he is the more intelligent and verbal one among the opposition. I want to see both of them around for a long time.

Is this idea feasible and possible? A shock it might be, but we do need some miracle to stop deep-rooted corruption.

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