Monday, November 21, 2005

Saturday had never been this Packed before

Last Saturday is a busy one, with activities line up from morning until the next morning. I have to get my sorry ass up on early Saturday morning to see the dentist. The filling on my front teeth had fallen off about two weeks ago, and the clinic was closed on last Saturday. I went to this dentist about a year ago, and she was a cute pregnant mom by then. I arrived at 9.30 A.M and have to wait abuts 30 minutes for my turn (she seems to be fully booked for the day). She is as pretty as I remembered, although with the facemask on. I had my teeth cleaned and polished before fixing my front teeth. I guest dentistry technology had advanced since the last I did the same filling almost 10 years ago (Wow! Didn't know that the filling lasted that long, value for money man). This time she did the usually drilling to clean up some black spot, pump in some soft gel, use a blue dray gun to dry them up and polish it to smoothen the surface again. Her skill is excellent, gentle and not too painful, and the filling blend in perfectly with my teeth (almost not visible at all). Since it had been a long while since I last saw her, I couldn't really recognise her. Somehow I felt she seems younger, perhaps this is another pretty dentist? Anyway, all the fixing and cleaning only cost me RM 70; I am happy and satisfied. I officially proclaim her to be the most gentle, skillfull, prettiest and affordable dentist in the whole of Klang Valley (though she is only the 2nd dentist I went to).

I went for breakfast immediately and rush home for a nap (must cover back all the sleep hours on weekend morning), and I have to wake up at 12.30 noons to go to Karthik's party. I followed his e-mail’s instruction and is doing fine, until Rathi overtook me and I started following her car. We end up making 2 minor mistakes, one before getting down from the car (missed a turn) and another after getting own (going to the wrong party). The houses in Bandar Bukit Puchong are pretty nice and big, with good and wide surrounding with just RM 230K. If you work around Puchong/TPM/Cyberjaya/Putrajaya, this could be a good place for you. Karthik is doing his own business now, freelance Project Management. He and his wife is a Feng Shui follower as well, and they don't plan to have kids. Manage to help Kenny catch up with his Hip Hop's steps, while Yek and Mee Mee bring their baby girl (Ying Ying) to the party. The baby is adorable with big eyes (aren't all of them adorable?).

We went to Rocklon's house to visit his newborn baby girl (Annina), much smaller compared to Yek's one (they said baby grow up very fast). Rocklon's baby is much darker, nevertheless very cute as well, with little fingers and toes. Everyone is busy playing with the baby (Tang), looking at photos (Mei Ru) or reading magazine (Kenny). It started raining so we are stuck there for a while. I need to rush of to my cousin's place for a weekly meeting, and I am very late.

I went home to have a bath even though it was late, and I couldn’t contact my cousin (smell something fishy, maybe the meeting got cancelled or postponed). I reach her place about an hour place later, yet her place is empty. I guess the meeting is off and no one contacted me. Never mind, there is supposed to be a birthday party after that. My cousin gave me a bottle of wine to be given to the birthday boy as gift (Sharon's father, and grandpa). I think the party is meant for family only, but somehow we got invited (because my cousin is close with Sharon, and she is also the psychologist for her son). Their place is pretty big, where the living room is a band room for their son (with a few guitars, a drum set, microphone, hi-fi and big screen TV). Their son is quite a rocker, who can sing reasonable well with rocker attitude, and good with the drums as well (no guitar performances for the night). I found that Indian girl looks very nice and slim when they are teenage, looks sexy and slightly huggable when in the 20's/30's and got bloated massively after that. This is one big happy family, with all the birthday boy's son & daughter, in-laws, and grandchildren. They have a very cute puppy as well, extremely fury and huggable.

I left the party early to pick up Tang and Li Mun for the next dance party at Bisik Bistro, Ampang. Ah Pang invited all the students from Al Chifar to have a good nite out at this new place, rather than the old style De Swan. We really have a lot of outgoing dancers, and some very pretty ladies as well. We have Cha-Cha, half a jive, lots of Samba (which I dunno), some line dancing, lots of disco dance and a Rumba at the end. I try to ask Mei Ru out for dance a few times, somehow I felt she still cannot go all out (let go of herself) in disco-like dancing. Didn't hang out much with Tang and Li Mun, as the girls are busy having their girly time together with Janice. Jeremy come in late, he is not a disco person as well (but he likes ballroom and Latin, a more elegant taste perhaps). The night ended at almost 3 A.M. and we had supper at a Mamak at Jalan Yap Kuan Seng. By then, we get to see everyone clearly. One girl seems to be Ah Pang girlfriend; she seems very cute, sweet and young (I think her name is Elaine or something). Another sophisticated girl is Simone, and Helen a sporting auntie (forgotten about the rest). Mei Ru and Michelle left much earlier before the supper (I thought Mei Ru ask me to send her home instead?). Anyway, I drop the girls home and rush back to sleep.


Miaka said...

Could you tell me where is this dentist that you commented? Need one too T_T

d_luaz said...

she (the dentist) is in Pusat Bandar Puchong, in the corner shoplot (1st or 2nd floor) opposite SP Setia Building. Open on weekday from 9-6. Open on Sat, but closed on Sun and public holidays.

meiru said...

Budak, Rock's daughter is Annina la, not Annalina.

Dixonlim said...

Hi D_luaz,

i am daphne from puchong, as per your msg say that the dentist shop which located in Pusat Bandar Puchong, Could you please send me the full detail address and cntact number for me. Because i would like to see the dentist. My email is Appreacited you can provide the detail for me.
Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Hi D_luaz,

Appreciate if you could provide me the dentist contact details as well. My email Thanks a lot!