Monday, November 14, 2005

Birthday Celebration with Dori the Fish

I probably had my last birthday celebration for 2005 on Saturday night with Dori the Fish. She is pretty reluctant to plan the event for the night, but I kinda “force” her. She had to pick the spot to dine and subsequent activities as well. This celebration is kinda special, as I am supposed to pay for it. I guess it is alright, is not like everyday I have a chance to go out with her. Besides, she treated me before and I enjoyed the dine out very much. Actually I kinda purposely “force” her to treat me last time, as I felt we never quite dine together, just the two of us.

I pick her up but I was late, sorry. She decided on The Curve, so The Curve it is. She kinda hasn’t made up her mind on where to dine, but no harm exploring a bit. The Curve had quite a number of café and restaurant which serve nice food. After a few round of exploration, we decide on a Italian restaurant (the name 1940 something). We ordered 2 light dishes, so that our stomach had some room for cake or desert later. I ordered Cabonara Penne, while she took The Italian Job Pancake (they ran out Fish pancake). She gave me quite an interesting little present, a magnetic sculpture. It had a magnet base with many little X and O metal pieces, and we could sculpt out many funny shapes. We have a good time with it while waiting for our food, while eating and after eating. I really enjoyed the moment.

My Cabonara arrived first, and it is pretty nice, though not as cheesy and milky as I expected it to be. The Italian Pancake is not very good. It is tasteless, not warm and not special, and too filling. But we did have some good time mixing it up with cheese powder, chili powder and pepper to spice things up. I think we always have a good time dining together, or perhaps we always have a good time together. She laughs easily, which makes me happy seeing her happy.

After the dinner, we plan to walk around The Curve to digest the food a bit while scouting the next spot for drink and desert. It is a nice place and a nice night, with a nice companion. Somehow she spotted RedBox, and recommended that we should proceed the night with it. I was quite reluctant at first, but it sounds kinda interesting as well. There is a always a first time for everything, especially spontaneous karaoke session with her. Why not. Since it is Saturday night, so it is a bit more expensive (RM 44 per person). But since we are in the mood, the money should be well spent. She suggested probably we could go clubbing instead, I was surprised! She said it was my birthday after all. Actually I never had been to clubbing or karaoke with a girl alone. Somehow I decided clubbing probably would not be the best choice for the night, as she might not feel comfortable. Karaoke should be a better choice, as I could be happy at Karaoke. The session is really very fun in fact, much better than a group karaoke. We get to pick all the songs we like, and don’t feel embarrassed to abuse the “Companion Singing” button. Usually our choices of songs are suitable for both, as I like female singer’s songs. She leads, and I just follow. I exhausted all the songs that I ever know of in this karaoke session, and thank god she is much betta than me. We have a great time, very comfortable and very enjoyable. This is probably the best karaoke session I had so far, and it lasted until 3 A.M. We became RedBox member as well, and they gave us two cartons of Justea drinks.

It is a bit wasted to let the night end now and then, so I decide to prolong it with a supper session at SS2. Introduce her to Indomee with Egg (Mata Kerbau style) and Fried Squid. We had a good one hour of chit chatting, but I don’t seem t recall our topics. Perhaps it is too natural and comfortable already. All good things have to come to an end, and it ends at four plus. I think I purposely paid for the Karaoke session as well, so that we have an excuse to go out again (*Evil grin*).

PS: She gave me a very precious present: Truth & Sincerely. Something I thought is lost among people, and I am so happy that I had seen it again.

PS: I owe her something long overdue. I shall work on it this week, I wanna do it right.

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