Tuesday, November 08, 2005

100% Truth-proof

When I was young, I always find it difficult to convey a lie. If possible, I wouldn’t want to tell a lie, unless it is a life and death situation (such as lying about lost homework to avoid the cane). Some people tell lies to play prank or fool around, I am not very fond of that either. Anyway, no one kinda believes you will be a very truthful person. Until one day I was telling a friend about something and he suspiciously ask me in disbelieve, "Sure or not? You are fooling me right?” Then another friend stand up for me and said, "You should believe him. He never lies". I was caught by surprised as I kinda feel this guy really is the echo of my heart (sure or not? haha). The sad thing is I can only vaguely remember who this guy is, and I vaguely remembered that he is the minority in school (less popular crowd), which I cared for. That time I kinda like to hangout with the minority crowd as they seems in need of a friend, and I have the tendency to support the underdogs. My mentality at that time is the popular ones (or even the pretty ones) could get help and company easily from anyone else, thus they don't need me. I wanted to lend my hand to someone who actually needs me, someone who doesn't have anyone else. I still remember there is this very dirty kid in school where no one wanna neither befriend nor talk to. He is poor, smelly and neither good in sports nor studies. I like to talk to him, and he always look for me during recess when I am on my prefect watch near his block. Many people surprise why I even border to be close to him, maybe because I sense he needs me and I could be of use to him.

Lets not wonder too far away from truth and lies into the underdogs. If possible, I wouldn't want to lie to anyone (so don't force me!). I always subconsciously thought it is possible to be truthful in all situation (besides saving my own skin), thus I try to be a truthful one. I try to reduce my lies, taking steps by steps towards Utopia. I was awaken by my own words during a conversation with a friend. I said, "Sometimes it brings more pain and harm telling the truth, while telling lies or withholding of truth hurt no ones". I guess we human are given the ability to make judgment and analysis for a reason, so that we can decide when it is best to tell the truth or white lies (a.k.a Beautiful Lies). If it brings more harm to others and me when I tell the truth, is it still logical to tell the truth (unless it is those stupid principal thing again)? Given this statement, I kinda feel that maybe I shouldn't be too focus on telling the truth all the time. Why not use a Beautiful Lies when it hurts no one and make everyone happy? Perhaps I am worry that once you start a lie, the next one would follow on. Once you cannot be truthful, you would start to close up and start hiding, rather than confronting. Once you are addicted to it, you are bound to misuse it.

The fact is, you have to admit it isn't possible to be 100% Truth-proof all the time. But how much truth should we let out? 99.99%? 90%? 50%? Now I am lost. Perhaps my motto is be truthful as far as I could, as long as it doesn't bring others and me (priority is on me) great harm. But sometimes I am stupid and stubborn, thus not be able to make a wise and logical judgment call. For example, Blue Dragon, he is a double edges sword. He can help you to understand me, or he could make you dislike or distrust me. Like a game of poker, you shouldn't open up all your cards, unless your opponent isn't interested in winning, but just to play with you (what is the odds of that happening?). A lot of time it would be really advantages for me to tell some white lies, but I kinda felt it would eat into my soul.

It is not that I am a holy person who doesn't tell lies (probably I did a lot but just didn't quite notice it because it is too common and harmless, hehe). If it is so, perhaps I had already mastered the art of Beautiful Lies. Anyway, I still feel there is a need to be truthful to avoid falling to the dark side (loosing your self), until I regretted it, muahahaha.

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