Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Why they hang you up in mid air?

When you tell someone, "I kinda like you", the other party is supposed to answer "I like you too" or "I don't like you". As usual, things don’t come in simplistic form anymore. The answer is usually in between like and dislike, and it kinda feels like your poor soul is drifting in mid air, neither could you touches the ground and die, nor could you reach heaven. If you are a super good man, you could (no guarantee) get a yes. If you are a super-annoying idiot, you could (guaranteed) get a no. If you are a normal mediocre person, you get in between, muahahaha.

Perhaps simplicity and straightforwardness doesn't quite exist in the dictionary of Rules of Engagement. I think the last time I enjoyed simplicity in Declaration of Like/Love is probably the first one, where the answer is nice and simple (though not the one I would expect, but it complies with KISS). As we get older, the answer got more complex and vague. It kinda requires more brain juice to interpret them, probably needs the assistance of a few love doctors or shrinks to decode the message. It is all the fault of flowery language, poem and pantun. Or izzit our mind works in different way, a wiser way when we developed more brain cells. Let's analyse this a bit further by coming out with more organised scientific answer (sounds like fun, hehe).

Why they hang you up in mid air? (I shall categorised them as well, goodie!)
  • The Evil Mistress. They like to be adored, and want you continue adoring them even though they don't like you, as long as they feel good about it. You are her pet toy.
  • The Cheerleader. She is after all a popular girl with many options around, thus put you in KIV (Keep In View), just in case she needs you.
  • The Confuse Child. She is totally unsure and uncertain of her own feelings, thus she is lost.
  • The Princess. She awaits her true love, thus she needs to be sure. So you need to put on your shining amour, slay the dragon and prove your worthiness.
  • The Sorcerer. She awaits your sacrifices, thus those who contribute the fattest lamb shall be cast into the lava pit (just kidding!).
  • The Oracle. She is the all-seeing eye (newbie) who tries to look through the purity of your heart (with the help of some tests, perhaps). Given time she shall knows, so will you.
  • The Forbidden Flower. Though she would like to, but she can't. Perhaps time is of essence here to awaits her to fly off and be freed.
  • Miss Brainy. A girl with her own dreams, where she have much to do and accomplish before you.
  • Miss Polite. She is so kind, that she worries you poor little heart cannot take the bad news. Or, she just can't break the bad news to you (she does no evil).
Yup. I had ran out of brain juices thinking of the names and her characteristic. Anyone wanna help me?

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