Thursday, November 24, 2005

Click and you shall be Rewarded

As I was going through life for quite sometimes now, I noticed many things cannot be forced or fast forwarded, though I really like to. Many years ago I wanted to do start my own business, because I am ambitious, passionate, anxious and most important of all, young. I thought I should start a business and get rich while I am young, as we would tends to loose our balls when we grow older. I have the technical skill, but I don’t have the business know how and I definitely don’t have patient. My first venture with a friend fails miserably even before the product is launched, as I didn’t manage to handle our expectation properly, especially in a partnership scenario. Then I move on to freelancing, and manage to get 1 or 2 deals based on recommendation from friends and family and earned some pocket money. But no matter how hard I try, the business just wouldn’t grow. From there I understood, business take time to mature and grow. Unless I have a whole load of money to launch a marketing and advertising campaign, else I would have to wait for the word of mouth to spread and awaits random chances which pop up once a while from people around me. The longer you are in the business and the more people you know, the more opportunities shall arise. If you could bank on these opportunities, your business shall grow. Thus, you need to be patient, stay in the business, meet more people (sitting in the garage working on your top secret project doesn’t help), continue your effort and hard work, and you shall be rewarded with the Millionaire Boys Club membership. It is highly probable we would be tempted with procrastination and laziness, thus we need to constantly remind ourselves of what we want to achieve, and think of new ways to renew our interest and keep the passion burning.

A thousand people could think of the same idea as you did, and only a hundred would execute it, with a handful manage to finish the job while one manage to do it exceptionally well. Thus, the idea is just the beginning which doesn’t carry much weight (it is just the beginning), while execution is the element which separates you from the mediocre, and perseverance shall bring you to success, where skill and experience shall add bonus to your reward. I stop at the idea stage many times, halt at execution stage a few times, manage to finish the job once, and now I want to do it exceptionally well. I am feeling passionate and full of hope again, which is good at my age since I am not feeling too old yet. I hope this time I would be able to carry out the full cycle and prove my worthiness as a great man.

Patient and Perseverance is not just about dream and career, it applies to most of the thing in life, including blogosphere fame and love affair. No matter how many articles you try to churn out per day and how good you write, it is almost impossible for you to be a famous bloggger within a week or months. You need to hang around for quite a while, continues writing more and more good stuff, work smart and applies a few blogosphere stardom strategy based on your personal taste, and the visitor counter shall increase eventually (whether or not the number grows exponentially is very much depends on how good and creative you are). Whatever strategy you apply, it needs patient and perseverance. No matter how desperate you try to rush things, it is won't goes your way. A wise man once said, “Success and Fame come to those who are too busy to look for it”.

Perhaps love affair is another funny thing, where the more you try to rush things, the more chaotic and complex the situation shall become. The more you intentionally trying to make things work, the more resistance there shall be. Personally, I am a more relax guy, where I seldom take mush initiative to move things. But sometimes I am worry I am too relaxed, thus trying to give myself a few mental push so that I would cough up some courage and fight for my happiness. Perhaps what they say is true, love shall find you with fate, and fate shall avoid you if you look too hard (爱情可愿不可求). It is not that we sit back and do nothing, just that we work on a comfortable pace for everyone. It is after all human relationship, and relationship takes time and effort to build. If it is not meant to be, she won’ be yours no matter how hard you try; if it is meant to be, she will come back no matter how far away she is. Probably I should just be myself and let things flow around me rather than disrupting the flow (Lillian Too says you must let the Chi flows smoothly). I still firmly believe Happiness need to be pursued (幸福是自己争取的), just in a different way. Most important of all, don’t do (or do) something that I will regret. I still remembered when I was young, my motto was, “If I wanna do something, dun regret it. If I had done it, I shall never regret it” I guess this motto made me incapable of remorse, haha.

"With Patient and Perseverance, and you shall be Rewarded"

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thank you for the reminder.