Sunday, November 27, 2005

Friday Sarsaki + Newway

Since Hip Hop class is cancelled for this Friday, Tang organized a Sarsaki makan-makan trip on Friday. Since Sarsaki is near KLCC and it is a Friday night, I decide to park my car in PJ and take a LRT to KLCC instead (rather than being stuck for 30 mins in a 500m stretch road). But I got stuck in massive traffic jam in PJ as well, where I have to change my routes for a couple of times and switch one LRT station as destination.

Sarsaki is Japanese buffet style restaurant (RM 40++ a head) in a secluded corner of UOA building where all other shops are closed at night (Li Mun promises this to be a very good Japanese meal). The place is pretty crowded, though a few tables are still available (no worry. Tang made reservation, so efficient). Everyone had arrived before me and Kenny, and probably going for second round already. I am not much of a big eater nowadays, so I just went for 2 rounds. One round for the meat and another for the Sushi and Sashimi. Of course I have ice-cream and one peace of left over jelly (no they don’t refill them after that, sucks). The food is pretty alright with me, but I am not very into buffet style nowadays. We had some funny and quirky conversation, and I just remembered laughing a lot.

Somehow, someone challenge Derrick to go for Karaoke, and the challenge is accepted. We went to Newway, for the first time with Derrick and Fion. Derrick is quite a singer and probably can “kill” a lot of girls with his style, look and words. Fion on the other hand doesn’t seem quite into Karaoke. One like dancing, while the other like singing. They left in a sudden as Derrick’s friend is suddenly admitted into ICU. Now only I notice I shouldn’t sing together with Tang, as she sings at a very high voice and my voice is too soft. Since Kenny doesn’t sing Chinese songs, so I have to tag along with Li Mun. Kenny is a pretty good and funny singer as well, and Karaoke-ing with him usually is fun (as he is always funny anyway). I wasn’t quite in the mood for Karaoke tonight. Besides, my singing sucks anyway, and kinda felt I spoilt people’s singing enjoyment by tagging along (they might get really frustrated with me). Perhaps the best I have is still with Dori the Fish, perhaps it is more comfortable then. After a few hours, I kinda feel powerless and no more voice (perhaps it is the mood factor again), thus decide to call it a night for me and sleep aside. The rest continue to enjoy themselves very much for an hour or so before getting the bill. Kenny has to drive me all the way from KL to PJ to pick up my car (pity Kenny) before driving off to Cheras again. I get to sleep about 4 A.M.

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