Thursday, November 24, 2005

The Push and Pull which make you Quit your Job

Ever wonder why some people felt disgusted about their job, complaining about it everyday yet still stay with the company for a long time? To make you quit the job, you would need to Push and Pull factor.

What we usually see or hear is just the Push factor, where it could range anything from lousy pay and hazardous hours to stupid boss (like the one in Dilbert) and dim career path. Though we might hate or dislike the company, but we haven’t decide on what should we do if we stop doing what we are going. We human can be very toleratable with bad and lousy stuff, as long as we haven’t found or experience something betta. If you haven’t have a RM 35 dollar haircut before, you wouldn’t mind a RM 8 Indian barber haircut for the rest of your life (perhaps this is not a very good example, but it applies to me). Once you enjoyed something betta, you shall never go back to your old self again.

So, what Pull factor do we need? Assumed greener grass and rounder moon on the other side. We need to believe that we found something betta than the shit hole we are currently in, maybe it be a bigger company, better pay, higher position, new challenges or for our dreams and passion. You are like the little mousy to be drawn out of your hole to this little cheese (hopefully it is not a trap). Once you see this cheese, you are outta here.

With Push and Pull, you could quit you job instantly without much worry. That’s why people usually look for better job (getting the Pull factor) once they are dissatisfied (the Push factor) with the company. It is not necessary it must be another job, you could be chasing your dreams or personal interests, or feel like doing something more meaningful in life. With Pull and no Push, probably you won’t quit either, as you still feel comfortable and satisfied. With Push and no Pull, you haven’t found another shit hole which is better than this. No matter how many times you quit a job, you are probably jumping from one shit hole to another. It is not that bad, you might get yourself out of it one day.


Miaka said...

Ahaha, very well said. I'm doing the push and pull thing TOMORROW!!! Muahahaha!!! Congrats to myself XD

arinamil said... thots exactly..
..havent found the place where i could be pulled but not pushed..
..(in the process of finding that greener grass and rounder moon)

d_luaz said...

2day even my CEO left b4 me

it is always 4 the greener grass, the promised land :)