Monday, November 07, 2005

9 Days

The 9 days holiday had ended in a blink of the eye, shucks. What had I achieved? Nothing much, except a handful of happiness :) I celebrated neither Diwali nor Hari Raya, just pure holidays.

The end of the holiday signify a few ends as well
  • End of holiday (duh!)
  • End of the days of sleeping late, wakeup late and online everyday (duh duh!)
  • Finish the editing of my KK Trip Video (Yeah!), 2 GB of MPEG1 (VCD Format video), totally 3 hours. Ang Google Video is so slow athosting them.
  • And perhaps end of a dream as well. Wakeup (pik pak!)
What happiness had I found in the holidays?
  • I blog quite a lot during the holidays, about dance, movie, birthday, more birthday and other stuffs. Writing is fun :)
  • This year is probably the height of my birthday celebration for the past 25 years. I have ice skating, Italian Food, Cheesecake, Boobies Gift, more Italian Food, Movie, more Movie, and hopefully a Tiramisu, and gotta buy someone dinner for my birthday (why like that ge?). The downside is only my mom celebrate my birthday with me with a meal of superb home cook meal. Dad is not around, sis is busy with her future happiness and bro forgot about it.
  • Sleep Late and Wakeup Late. Wahl! This is heaven man! Happiness does come free after all, given that my living expenses are paid for.
  • I met an Angel, haha. This is a cool Angel Jie Jie, perhaps someone wiser and equipped with more wisdom than me (the only other such Jie Jie I know of is Si Theng, who is enjoying her life tour in Spain now). She is supposed to be cute and look very very very young, at least I was told. Lets see if she is an angel or devil in disguise, muahahaha.
  • Went for the dinner & dance gala and saw 3 pretty girls :)
What I had not done?
  • I have not start working on my million dollar pet project. You don't want to be rich ar? I want, just that I was seduced by short-term happiness, hehe.
  • The ICT Teaching Syllabus for the kids. But I am not very fond of creating teaching material for kids; this could be quite a tricky situation. Should I turn down the task and come clean instead of making myself miserable. But my cousin sure could use my help, hmmm.
  • I had postponed my freelance work once again, and I am a lazy boy. Now I do have a serious problem with self-discipline. "Start working, you Maggot!" "Sir, yes Sir"
  • I am still Single.
From what it seems, I have a good time during the holiday, with very little work done. But, I am supposed to have fun during the holiday, not working. Thus, I really need to quit the job so that I can both have fun and finish the work. But old habits die-hard, so I must beware not to let laziness or procrastination creeps in on me too easily.

PS: Rocklon had a baby girl, 2.93 KG, borned on 4th November 2005. Hope she grow up kind and pretty.

PS: I officially declare Christine as a Drama Witch (no more Dream Girl), who curse people non-stop (from IM to SMS) on people's birthday. But I shall forgive her, though I still have to write this down, hehehe.


meiru said...

Happy Birthday sau sing chai, or ... tin sat gu sing?? HHAHAHHAHA....

Anonymous said...

woohoo!!! birthday boy!!!

hope you had a great day today :)

may all your wishes come true :)


christine said...

haha, ok la, you officially declare that I am a Dream Witch!!! From your Dream Girl to Dream Witch, hahaha, so dramatic and so easy. Hahahaha, guy change feeling and heart to other girl very easily;P Heehee, as you already find another Dream girl ( Your Angel), so you declare that I am not your dream girl>.<

Hey, don't ask me any question about gal la, as I am Witch, every words from my mouth become curse on you. So, don't talk with me anymore, even in IM. As my curse will be effective through internet, eeeeeeeeee, very horrible, becareful!!!!!!!!!

"Happy b-day!" ( oops! I don't know if it will become curse on you!hahahaha)

christine said...

hey, remember to send the video of KK trip to me!

d_luaz said...

Angel had found me, but I found Dream Girl instead. Change of heart? mmm sai kai sik, kai sik jik hai yim sik (I like this quote from Tang).

You r a bit mischievous here. But neverthelsss :)

christine said...

I am mischievous? hahahaha....Did I said somthing wrong?
Anyway, you very are lucky, as Angel found you! Add oil to keep this Angel la. Don't miss any chance.