Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Malaysia is a un-dating-friendly place

While having a conversation with Mei Ru about dating and alike, it kinda reminds me of how un-dating-friendly Malaysia is. Why do I say so?
  • The Guards at KLCC Park will actually caution you if you ever hold hands while dating there, or even issue you a fine if you are found to behave a bit too “friendly”. Someone kena caught and the issue got published on newspaper.
  • There are actually signs in some parks which banned couple from dating there. Personally, I think Malaysian parks are notorious for people who behave indecently at night, until people from the Religious Department have to conduct raid from time to time. Thus the park is not a good place for dating.
  • I still remember I went on a trip to Pulau Langkawi with my ex-girlfriend, where we are supposed to take Ferry from a small town near Alor Setar. We were playful while waiting for the Ferry (she piggy-back on me), and it sort of anger a local Kampung guy and he kinda told us off. From then onwards, I suddenly realize I can’t actually be too playful/intimate in public, especially when in the outskirt (KL is still pretty alright, but watchful eye are everywhere).
  • There is actually a sign in a taxi which disallowed couple from being “playful” in the car.
  • Somehow, I have lost all interest to be close and playful with my girlfriend in the public, as there are too many watchful eyes from guards and religious people. It is not that we like public playfulness, but sometimes certain things just happens spontaneously (the mood just came).
I still remember my trip down Singapore, it is a like a totally different world for dating. No one stare at you (unless you French kiss in the middle of the street), and the street is safe even during the night (a walk under the moonlight is so nice). I can feel comfortable and at ease, not worry about people giving me summons or cautions me for being too “indecent” for their taste. Somehow, you could really sense the open minded-ness and “advancement” of people in both countries. I always thought Malaysia is quite a free and open minded society, until I realise the constraint when I go on dating. But as long as I am aware of the boundary, I should be able to survive the dating endeavor here and try to behave myself (ahem!).

No wonder Malaysian start having sex in toilet (public toilet?). Give us a break and don't make us deprived and turn into a pervert.


SK said...

LOL! So, next time, "create" a new spot to have SEX! ;-)

Alex said...

hmm makes a lot of sense. some msians are just too... 'fikiran sempit' ? i dun find hugging or holding hands in public a 'crime'.