Tuesday, November 22, 2005

The Most Expensive Head of My Life

Since a long time ago I had wanted to have a “modern” haircut, but somehow just didn’t know exactly what kind of style I wanted, or which saloon to go to. Somehow this topic is brought up again with a friend with my weeks ago, and she reminded me about it a few days ago, thus I decide to give it a try.

What kind of style do I want? I have no idea, but my sister told me that a good hairstylist would be able to recommend me a style which suits me. Thus, one problem down and another to go. Which saloon then? There is a new Thomas & Guys Saloon near my place, and it should be cheap (since it is situated in Puchong after all, and I don’t have to sponsor their rent). My brother tags along as he needs a haircut as well, but he is afraid the place would be expensive. I ask him how much is his last not-so-suit-him-modern-haircut cost? He says RM 40. So I said, “If it cost anything less then RM 40, we shall go for it”. He nodded in agreement. When we saw the pricing plate, it was RM 35 for short hair, perfect. They have a cheaper RM 18 haircut by their students, since this is a hair fashion academy as well. I opt for the master (RM 35), since I need his professional recommendation.

One shampoo boy came over and gave me a nice hair wash plus head and neck massage, cool. Then a stylish grandmaster come over and asks what kind of style I would prefer, I said, “Why not you recommend it to me?” He says, “A smart style”. I agree. He added, “Plus a bit of fashion”. I agree again. Smart and fashionable sounds good to me. He began trimming my hair with this “lawn-mover” device, skilfully uses his pair of scissor to cut some layering and ended with a special scissor to sort of thinning the hair. After further trimming and a hair wash, walah! Using some hair wax to shape my most stylish and expensive haircut. Hmm, I am not totally impressed with it as I didn’t say OMG or WTF! But, it was pretty ok, something refreshing and new. The hair is short and spiky, and kinda smooth as well. I feel like touching my own hair now, hehe.

Is the money well spent? Hmm, I am not quite sure about it. At least I manage to fish some compliment from Tang and Florence, so not bad la. When I was young, my mom cut my hair. When I went to college, I go to the Indian barber for RM 10 a pop. When I move in with my brother and sister, I went to the neighbourhood Chinese saloon for RM 20 a pop, but I am not impressed with it. So, I let my mom cut my hair again (her standard is betta than the neighbourhood saloon ok?). Now, I have Thomas & Guy and my wallet would start bleeding from now on. Now I realized how much money I had saved for the past 26 years, muahahaha.

PS: They gave me a loyalty card which entitled me for 2 x 10% discount, 2 x 20% discount, 1 x 30% discount, 1 x 50% discount and lastly, a FREE haircut. I think they have got me to return to them, I am so chippo.

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