Thursday, December 01, 2005

There is always Hope for Marriage, even when it seems Hopeless

Yesterday I skipped my dance practice session to attend my cousin sister’s (another) wedding. Initially I wasn’t very keen on going, but I kinda felt bad for leaving my parents go there alone. You know, the relative expect my dad to bring the full squad, else he will have a hard time explaining why I didn’t come and forced to give some lame excuses.

Anyway, we drive two cars out as we need to pick up my 3rd uncle’s family on the way home. Unfortunately, we got the wrong place as the invitation is verbal (prone to mistake). My relative had a hard to time to direct us to the correct place, as she isn’t quite familiar with KL either. So, we abandoned one car (as we were late and uncertain), dash to the new unknown place and break a few laws by driving and talking (on the phone). Someone thought Subang Jaya and USJ is the same.

My cousin sister found her husband in another wedding ceremony quite a while ago, perhaps it is fated. She is way past 30, but didn’t manage to find her guy, perhaps due to her narrow social circle. She works at home running her brother’s business and help to take care of his children as well. He is a musician who is in his 40’s. They meet in the wedding, and it happens that their parents are old friends. Thus, it seems fated, and everyone want them to be together, including themselves.

Only relatives and close friends are invited, and I saw many small kids running around. It seems like people still enjoy having babies in this country, good. Some kids are really naughty like devil, while some are adorable like angel. I wonder izzit inborn (gene factor) or discipline and teaching. Like the Taoism teaching, we do need to have children to complete our life. When young we are taken care by parents, so now is out turn to take care of the young (to form a complete circle, fulfilled and completed life). Though it is a difficult and challenging process, but it should be part of life endeavor, plus the end could be rewarding if we do it right.

After a simple ceremony and dinner, it is time for Karaoke. We have a little girl (my niece) who wanted to sing, but become shy in front on the stage. But she did eventually sing the loudest when the crowd is there, and won’t let go of the microphone (she really likes singing). Then we have a whole bunch of nieces singing with the bride (she is shy in singing), and all their singing skill is a good as mine (now I know the same singing gene runs in the family). Then the Karaoke continues with the elderly, and they are really very good (looks can be deceiving indeed). They are brave, emotional and really good.

Actually the dinner is pretty boring, and I didn’t expect much also. Probably I don’t know how to socialise very well. Meeting some relatives, knowing the family is still growing strong and everyone is healthy. I like my aunt, she is a very nice old lady with a big heart, and a good hug too. I wish my cousin sister and her hubby happy forever (白头到老,永结同心).

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