Sunday, December 04, 2005

The Ultimate Flip of Nokia N90

While I was walking around Sunway Pyramid, I walk pass this Nokia shop and saw LCD display with the word “touch-screen” there. While I am attempting to touch the window to see if it is really a touch-screen, suddenly a young handsome chap approach me and handed me with a new Nokia N90 flip phone to play with.

This phone is really quite amazing, as it is the KING of all flip phones. I mean there is many ways to flip this phone. There are two pieces (the screen and the keypad) attached to the centre piece (the camera). The keypad can be flipped by itself without moving the screen. The screen can be flipped and twisted as well, thus u can make it into a cool L-Shape camera pose. The camera piece can be twisted as well. There is so much fun in flipping and twisting each pieces of this phone.

The phone have a Carl Zeiss lens which is supposed to be some branded high quality lens which capture better quality picture. The camera is 2 mega pixels, the highest quality of current mini camera offering. The phone’s onscreen interface is pretty nice and clean, seems like a mini PDA interface. The phone had a reduced size MMC slot as well, many rooms for quality pictures and videos. It comes with dual screen too. The downside is the phone is pretty bulky, but not necessary heavy. Good for guy’s big hand, I guess the size is inevitable for all the goodies pack into it phone (3G and Bluetooth too).

I kinda like the concept of convergence, where they add all the features of PDA, Phone and Camera into a single piece. I don’t like PDA phone, as they are too bulky to be a phone. If I have to carry around a phone, a PDA and a camera, then I would need a wear cargo pants or Dockers or utility belt. Everything converge into a phone seems like a good idea, since the phone is the most useful gadget which I have to carry everyday. I like the N90 (and I can live with the size) and it is pretty stylish as well. The good photo/video taking quality is a plus to me, since I would like the ability to take good photo/video anywhere anytime to be posted up to my blog. So many times I wanted to take photo of things, places and people, but just don’t have a good quality camera with me. Even though I thought of buying a Digital Camera, but I don’t think I’ll carry it all the time like Kenny Sia did (even though I am planning a pocket size camera). So, this phone seems perfect and cool. One minor problem, it cost a freaking RM 3199. OMG, it is like almost the price of a freaking notebook.

So, this shall be my Christmas present wish (Yvoone will say guys are so hard to please again). If you bought me this phone, I shall feel be extremely thankful to you for one whole year, and give you one kisses everyday (if you are a girl) and a bear hug (if you are a guy). And I shall take a picture of us with this superb gift (using my gift) and post it here so that I can show my eternal thankfulness and appreciation (as long as Blogger/Blogspot doesn’t charge money or remove my blog).

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