Friday, December 30, 2005

Wei Kang's Wedding

17 DEC 2005 was Wei Kang’s wedding in Kuantan, my secondary school mate who once told me he wanted to become a doctor (or is it because someone else wanted him to become a doctor?). It had been more than a year since my last reunion with my secondary schoolmates, and it was 6 years apart before that. Though sometimes I might feel awkward with them, but usually we could churn out quite an amount of topic here and there. As usual, the guys and the girls shall be in different groups (old habit die-hard).

Torture in Progress

Wei Kang & Wife

I didn’t attend the morning ceremony, as I am still in KL (due to late night out before that). With the usual Chinese style, they would torture the bridegroom to make his attempt to take the bride away more challenging. Torturing the men (the brothers) had since been a cultural thing for the girls (the sisters) as part of the wedding ceremony.

The Pretty Gals of 5S1, SMTP97

I took a 2.30 P.M bus, and arrived just in time for the dinner session at 7.00 P.M. The place is at Hoi Tin Lau at Jalan Air Putih, Kuantan. It is good to see a lot of old friends, and it is nice for people to get married. I guess Wei Kang is kinda of a family man type, those who would like to get married and setup a family ASAP. As usual, dinner is boring (with localised Karaoke session), friends are nice. It rains after the dinner, so we cancelled the beach plan and went to Chin Kiat’s house instead. Have more Karaoke there, but nothing much to do. Perhaps the group is too big; perhaps it had been quite a while; perhaps we had always been like this.

The Newly Wed and the Sisters

The Full Squad

I stayed overnight at Chin Kiat’s place before taking a noon bas back to KL again. It is quite a rush trip, as I have to go back and pack for my Chiang Mai trip the next day.

On 01 JAN 2006 is CC's wedding, another trip to Kuantan again (this time will be less rush and stayed a bit longer)

PS: I wish WK happy marriage and happiness until the end of days :)

Photo Link: Nan Jian's Yahoo Photo, UJ's Yahoo Photo, Hon Peng's Yahoo Photo

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