Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Success comes to those who are too busy to look for it

“Success comes to those who are too busy to look for it”, I have this phrase tagged in my working cubicle among my top 10 Word of Wisdom. I kinda like it as it sounds deep and right. Lately, I think I kinda experience it. Perhaps it is true as well that Fortune Favour the Adventurous (another of my tag).

I felt that opportunities are on the rise ever since I decide to quit my job and take some risk to venture into uncharted waters. I finally realize how unmotivated I am with my current job, as there is no challenges and rewards. Besides my original plan of working on my potential multimillion projects, do some freelancing while helping out my cousin sister, Cham offered me a job at his company as well. I am grateful that Cham appreciated my talent, but permanent fulltime employment and continuation of climbing corporate ladder is not something which I would like to embark on at my current mood. Today my talented friend Mun Wai called me for an urgent business meet, where he offered me a proposal to work with him for a good fix salary with potential to embark on multiple projects in the long run (potential profit sharing or project bonus perhaps?). Nothing is concrete (it might just gone with the wind like all the others, but I hope something good might turn out from this), but the timing is right, and the idea sounds good with sufficient flexibility. Mun Wai is still as jumpy as ever, but his business contacts had expanded with good business opportunities surrounding him. It seems like he is making good progress after almost 3 years doing freelance work for fulltime. It is proven again that business need time to develop and mature, in order to capture more contacts and clients.

As for relationship, I felt much happier and at ease once I become less desperate and intentional. When I wanted something very much, the more it won’t go my way. Once I let go of my expectation, everything seems to fall in place easier with less stress and disappointment. I am feeling good, and I enjoyed the current situation. One thing good about being single is that you can go out with anyone you like without the need to answer to anyone. The down side is you don’t really have anyone truly with you. But I am satisfied here and now. It feels good again to be nice to people around me, something which I withheld unintentionally quite a long time ago (perhaps due to some bad experience). Perhaps it cost me too much unwanted headache at that time. I hope I am doing it right this time, as unmanaged goodness to many people could be disastrous at the end. I hope I am strong and wise now.

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