Thursday, December 15, 2005

I need to break out of my conventional box

I am feeling adventurous, and in the mood to explore out of my norm. I think I am a pretty uptight person, probably due to my upbringing and influence from my father. I am not trying to find blame on others, since it is my choice after all. Now, I am trying to make another choice in my life, which could change who I am in a few years to come. Below is a conversion that realised me on the direction I am trying to embark on. Sometime we understand ourselves better through conversation

Me: long time didn't think about gift already
Li Mun: hee hee...
Li Mun: I think guys will only think about gifts when they found some interested targets
Me: target is one
Me: sometimes, is the mood
Me: but his year, i have good mood
Li Mun: haha..glad to hear that
Me: really feel like doing many things
Me: all the things i never try
Li Mun: y suddenly so motivated huh?
Me: all the small little things
Me: all the big dreams
Me: everything, yeah!
Li Mun: GAMBATE!!!!
Li Mun: how come suddenly so motivated?
Me: Hip Hip Ganbate!
Me: suddenly felt
Me: life should be this way
Me: dun let me limit myself
Me: dun let other's ppl view limit me
Li Mun: GOOD!
Li Mun: thought u suddenly met some angel and lead u to this way!
Li Mun: hahahahaha
Me: perhaps not one angel la
Me: meeting interesting ppl
Me: going thru difficult stuffs
Me: suddenly felt released
Li Mun: good for u..
Me: so now mai explore more lor

So, how do I intend to break out of the box this year? Good question, only if I knew exactly how, but here it goes:
  • I am gonna buy Christmas present for people I like this year. Though this is a busy week (I have no other time to shop before Christmas due to my trip), I rushed on One Utama on Monday night and go through heavy pouring which wet my shoes and clothes. Luckily I manage to finish my shopping within 1 hour before the place is closed. I am quite happy with my hunting, and there is this very nice gift warping shop there as well (Pretty Bows, no website but they have friendly auntie and cute sisters).
  • On Tuesday I picked up a 45L travelling back, as I am planning to do more travelling and this investment is probably worthwhile. Hopefully I still have the right crowd to go with, and a lot of money to pamper myself with adventurous trip.
  • On Wednesday tried something new as well, got Mei Ru to go shopping with me. I think I didn’t quite shop with a girl before (me doing the shopping, not her), except for my mom and sister. Having her around is nice, since she can help me with my bag, guard my goodies while I try new ones or perhaps help me with a few fashionable choices.
  • Then I have wedding dinner back in Kuantan on the weekend, and having some reunion with old school friends.
  • I will fly straight to Chiang Mai for 1 week once I get back from Kuantan. I get to have two pretty girls as escort for my trip, muahahaha. Not to mentioned lots of adventurous activities like lots of water rafting, elephant riding, cycling, trekking and etc
  • On the day I came back from Chiang Mai is Christmas, and I am gonna host a party for the first time. Thanks to people like Mei Ru, Mickey and Wynn to help me out with the preparation and organising while I am gone. I will try my best not to fall asleep and keep you all accompanied. I also get to make fruit punch for the first time, I got the recipe, and hopefully it turns out good.
  • After that is New Years, some clubbing perhaps?
  • Then it is Chinese New Year, which should be pretty boring. Unless I do something about it.
  • I would have resigned by the end of January and start on my new life adventure. I think I am getting pretty sick of working hard in employment, where recognition is rare and reward is not quite rewarding. I have pretty good feel of my new venture; hopefully I could persevere, have discipline, be creative and keep focus.
Don't let me limit myself, not allow others to limit me. They can choose to dislike me if it is their wishes, but it would be nice if they enjoy my presence. At the end, I can't make everyone happy, no matter how hard I try. May I made the right decision in life.

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