Friday, December 16, 2005

KONG The Lover Boy

I went for KING KONG last night, and it was pretty amazing, breathtaking, fast-paced at moment, funny at times, thoughout long (3 Hours) and sad at the end (we all know KONG died for love, as Beauty killed the Beast).

Old Time King Kong Poster

The 1st hour is pretty boring, talking about the manipulative director Carl Denham who struggles to keep his movie production alive and bet his last hope on shooting at Skull Island. Things begin to pick up at the island, with natives trying to kill all the crews and the captain save them with modern weaponry. While they are trying to make their way back, the native board the boat to kidnap KONG’s future girlfriend, Ann Darrow to be sacrificed to KONG (toy and dinner became girlfriend? Hmm). Then the adventure and hunt begin in the savage land of Skull Island, muahahaha.


First of all, the savage jungle is breathtaking, with big woods, beautiful valley, amazing waterfall and a sweet spot for KONG to enjoy sunset with his girlfriend. Then we have the scene where a bunch of grass eating dinosaur having stampede through a narrow valley while being chased by small little carnivore. The stampede was superb and funny, with giant legs and giant meatball rolling. Then we have KONG vs. T-REX, four of them in fact. KONG is really much stronger and agile, and I have fun seeing KONG beat the shit out of those giant carnivores. It is like a Chinese movie gangster fight, where the hero is surrounded by a bunch of bad guys while trying to protect his girlfriend in one hand and fight with another. KONG sometimes acts like human rather than Gorilla (he was actually a silver-back gorilla), which make him playful and funny. He plays with his girlfriend like a toy, he poke fun of the T-REX after he kills them, he having tantrum with his girlfriend (for leaving him earlier) after he saved her and at the end, he had a very playful ice skating moment with her in New York. The savage jungle has lots of giant cockroaches, scary crabs and disgusting leech that would suck you in entirely.

KONG in Romantic Mood

KONG had really fallen in love with his girlfriend, put himself in danger countless times to save and protect her. He shows his manhood by his signature chest knocking action after every victory (I am the man! Dum Dum Dum Dum). His is funny as well, manage to give her some happy moments. He can be romantic as well, learning her language and always bring her to see sunset. KONG is a MAN and a Lover Boy as well.

I notable phrase from the movie is, “Man always focus on big and brave things, where they don’t use their brain in Love”. Jack Driscoll is a talented script writer who likes Ann Darrow. He wrote a comedy play just for her on the boat as the sign of affection. Ann asked, “Why do you want to write a play just for me?” Jack, “Isn’t that obvious?” And they end up kissing. Jack risks his life countless times to save Ann, definitely a man of action rather than a talker. Somehow they are not together after they went back to New York. From what it shows, it seems like he manage to show all his affection and care in action, but just didn’t put it in words. During a play he is watching, the following words capture his attention, “He hold my hand, and that’s the only thing he did. He didn’t say anything; probably he thinks he doesn’t have it. I really thought it might work out for us” Then he rushed out to seek the girl, probably to tell her “I Love You”. But at the end, he didn’t manage to do so, but still risk his life and hug her. So, words or action?

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