Thursday, December 01, 2005

What does she look for in her man?

While having a conversation with a friend, she told me “I found dat some guys have high requirements on picking gf … some require leng lui, smart, understanding, cute yet looking for Miss Perfect” Now, I wonder want kind of requirement she had for a boyfriend or husband?

Below is her list:
  • Smart or Talent. It seems like we are looking for the cream of all boys, the top of the class, which means like the top 10% of male species? Talent is even more challenging; it is like the Top 1%.
  • Sporting with a little bit of humour. Combining with the previous requirement, we are like looking for someone with High IQ and EQ. Sporting, she need some who is capable of having lots of fun with her, and can mix well with her friends as well. Humour, someone who can cheer her up.
  • Communication. I think this means a guy who can understand a woman very well, capable of listening between the lines and understand her well. Sometimes capable of mind reading and knows exactly what she is thinking.
  • Healthy Look. It can mean handsome, macho, well build, tall or all of them. Basically, you cannot be fat and ugly.
  • Know Cooking. Someone capable of cooking a romantic dinner and pamper her. This could mean she doesn’t like cooking or don’t know cooking.
  • Love Her. Definitely, can’t argue with that. But, does she need to love him?
  • Caring & Gentleman. Ahh, every woman’s dream man. A man who is capable of pampering and take good care of the ladies, do the many small things at the exact right moment all the time to score points.
  • Financially Independent. The man need to be ranked above average financially (meaning he is a high ranking Manager, General Manager, CEO, COO, President or Business Owner) or just plain rich.

Okay, where do you find such a guy, the PERFECT GUY? Would Brad Pit or Takeishi Kaneshiro do? I guess all of us are actually looking for the perfect person in our mind, but whether our dream comes true or not is another matter. As we grow older and wiser, we become more realistic and start to accept "flawed" people. I wonder how many of her criterias will come true in the end.

The standard bar to be a Good Man had been raised so much that I gave up hope to be a good man. I might as well turn to the dark side and be a bad boy instead. I can be and do whatever I want, and no one can complain, because I am BAD.

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Miaka said...

Well maybe the 'perfect man' to each girl is different. Individualy analyzed criteria and to see a person as a whole could give a different result. I once told my bf he's my dream guy. But he told me he doesn't has all the criteria to be a perfect guy. But you see, every person's demand is different for their dream person. So there ^_^. You can still be the one even though you're not perfect~!