Wednesday, December 14, 2005


I went for Narnia last Friday night; I freaking like the show. It was great, awesome. I like the mythical story and creature, I like the different personalities and problem of the children, I like the betrayal, forgiveness and sacrifice element, I like the beaver, I like the Centaur Army, and I like the war rush and all the war animals.

Movie Poster (Aslan the Lion)

At first the show is pretty boring, showing some WWII scene and some real life problem of the children. It gets much better when they step into the magical world. I don’t quite like Mr. Tumnus (a Fean: Legs of a goat, the upper body of a man, curly hair, and two little horns on his head), though he is righteous. Then came the Beaver, and Mrs. Beaver. They are really cute and funny, small but righteous and courageous. I really really really LIKE them. Then we have a fox, cunning but still a righteous one. They have Father Christmas too; tall guy with beard to equipped the children with magical goodies. Then we have Aslan, the king of the jungle, the mighty warrior. He doesn’t look fierce, but wise and compassionate.

Mr. and Mrs. Beaver (can't find betta pics)

General Oreius (he is the man)

The bad guys consist of the cold White Witch, and a gang of Wolf police. The evil side of the war party have Giant, Troll, Ogre, Batman, Minatour and alike. The good side seems more organised and better equipped, with smart looking Centaur Army. Then we have General Oreius who is so cool and great, with multiple swords and standing tall. You would want this guy by your side, and he even has a Rhino as war partner at the end. The way he used his swords is just breathtaking, fast and clean. The good guy have a fire phoenix too, and many other flying animals.

The children have interesting and different personalities as well. The little girl is big hearted and caring. The little borther is rebelious, and returned to the righteous path after being lured into betrayal. The 2nd sister is the logical one, perhaps too pessimistic, always to blame others and unwilling to adventure out. The big brother is finding his way to take care of his family, and to protect the ones he loves and cares for.

The Children and Future Kings and Queens

This show is just great and fun. Narnia is good, funny, cute, meaningful, lovely and massive. SUPERB! I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! Though I like LOTR and Matrix very much as well, but Narnia seems to have a special edge which make her stand out.

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meiru said...

Just watched the show. I like Aslan the most! :)