Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Do girls think guy actually enjoyed being raped?

I was caught by surprised in a conversation with a female friend, where she thought that guys actually enjoyed being raped. I was like huh? How could you say that? Does that means since girl can have multiple orgasm, then she must have enjoyed being raped is it? I found this really offensive and disturbing, even though she claims it is just a joke. I don’t go around joking about girls like being raped, or they wear skimpy dress that’s why deserved to be raped. I have respect for girls and sympathise for the victims, but I certainly did not expect this from the opposite sex.

Perhaps all the while, many female had resentment towards guy due to their notorious reputation. Men being the rapist, and men having a mistress and leave the wife and children behind. Thus a lot of guys will be subconsciously being labelled as a bad person, where all guys are guilty until proven to be even guiltier. Whenever I overheard discussion with female friends, they always talk about how men are having external marital affair and leave their wife at home to rot. Then we have cases when family members or close friends rape young girls, not to mentioned young ladies being raped or killed almost everyday. Whenever they say guys are bad in front of me, I don’t intend to defend the male species, because in these cases, I really have to despise them for being such a low life. But I also pity the girls, as they hold so much resentment towards a guy and still end up choosing to love a guy. Once I advised a female friend of mine, “Don’t resent about guys too much, as it might turn out the guy you fear most manifest into your own prophecy” If you hold too much resentment, it would hurt you and your man, If you can’t trust them, I plead you not to love them. Everyone should be innocent until proven guilty.

Let me clarify a bit here. Guy like sex, but it doesn’t means he likes to be raped. Rape is sex without consensus. If a guy like it, it wouldn’t be unconscensed sex. Perhaps some might like some kinkiness, like SM (Sadism & Masochism), but it is not rape. No matter how Ham Sap or perverted he might be, that doesn’t equal he like to be raped (unless he is a twisted brain masochist). Some say what if the rapist is a hot chicky mama? If he liked her, she won’t have to rape him, unless they are playing some sick game. So, no one like to be raped, no matter is a he, she or she-man.

I still remember an episode of ER where a guy is drugged in the bar and raped by a another guy. After doing his stuff, he shafts a beer bottle up the victim's ass. The victim didn't even notice it when he was admitted to the hospital, until he starts bleeding. The doctors have to operate him to get the beer bottle out. Pity the fella and it shows how helpless a guy could be if he was raped. Remember, no one like to have a beer bottle up their ass, fully.

PS: Probably she is having a bad mood for coming up with such weird jokes :)


RHAPSODY said...

i don't know how guys can be raped by girls. i mean, he has to be physically aroused to get it up kannn...

anyway, nice solo entry. would like to see more :)

RHAPSODY said...

eh, dah refresh your page then i saw you have lots more. sorry :D

Mei said...

Not all members of the opposite sex think like your friend. I, for one, DO NOT share her view. A man can be raped.

Rape isn't about sex. It is about power and wielding such power. A man can be raped as much as a woman. If he says no and is forced to 'get up' against his will, then it's rape.


It doesn't matter whether he's aroused or not. As long as he says "no" makes the act itself rape.

Btw, good movie to watch (although it's about sexual harrassment and not rape persay) would be Disclosure.