Monday, December 12, 2005

Never too young to start a business

Today I read on newspaper about Martin Halstead, who had is own airline AlphaOne at the age of 19. He started his first business at the age of 15 and qualified as a pilot at age 18. I had read about how the age of new CEOs are getting younger (even in Malaysia) and how Fortune 500 tycoons started their business at early age. Bill Gates started his first business venture with Paul Allen at the age of 21. Steve Job founded Apple Computers with Steve Wozniak at the age of 21 and went public four years later. Not that long ago, The Edge Daily run an article about Mesdaqs’s under 35 millionaires club. We have Tan Swee Yeong (team up with Lam Wai Loong) of Unrealmind Interactive which have a paper wealth of RM 12 million. The rest include
Age is just a number, it proves nothing except that we are getting older. A college-mate of mine started his computer repair and web hosting business even before he graduated, and proceed with a new Insurance software business without going through employment. A young chap in my dance class started his business with friends in spare parts sales without even going through college and university at the age of 22. A brilliant ex-colleagues of mine venture into full-time freelance at the age of 23 and never look back ever since.

I am kinda a late bloomer. I had my first taste of business at the age of 23 but I was rather immature and inexperience at that time. Three years later here I am, ready to give it another big try. Why bother with taking the risk? Because I am feeling tired with employment (jumping from one shit-hole to another), and I want to jump into a bigger shit-hole of my own. Besides, being young and successful is very tempting, thus I must keep trying before age catches up with me. At the age of 26, I am not young, hopefully mature enough.

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