Tuesday, December 13, 2005

My Dear Fiend, Wynn

Last Saturday I made a dinner date with Wynn, as I haven’t been around for her much after she lost her beloved boyfriend quite sometimes ago. I feel close to her, thus I considered her as a dear friend. She seems like both a little sister and an elder sister to me, though she calls me brother (哥哥). Perhaps that is her habit, but it does make me feel much closer to her, having the responsible to take care of her in time of needs. I heard from colleagues that she had not fully recovered from the trauma, still having sleepless night and insomnia (only sleeping 3 hours a day). I feel sad and wanted to make her happy, at least for a day, thus I decide to treat her a nice dinner.

Coincidentally Mei Ru happens to know of my plan, thus I ask her to arrange with Wynn, since she decided to come along as well. Mei Ru had been close to Wynn and more concerned with her than I did, thus having her around would do Wynn more good. Besides, she is a girl with a big heart and concern for others. Plus, I am thinking of ideas on how to communicate with Wynn and make her happy, and I guess having a chatty Mei Ru by my side would be good. After some arrangement, the date is set.

I waited at the LRT to pick up Mei Ru, but she SMSed me that she would be late. It would be nice if she could contact me earlier before I left my house. Waiting for another 30 minutes is quite boring, but still tolerable. But end up she was very late, and I am getting very impatient. At the end I found out that it is not her fault, else I would have scolded her (maybe not exactly scold, but something lesser). But my mood is already spoilt, traffic is building up and parking is running out. Though is not her fault, but I shall keep silence for a while as the mood is bad.

We pick up Wynn and went to American Chilies for dinner. This place serves some nice American Mexican food, with bottomless drink (good for long chitchat). We ordered two dishes for three of us, as the portion is usually large. We save some space for chocolate dessert later. Luckily Wynn is still as talkative as ever, where her conversation piece would usually revolve around her family. I am glad that she feels comfortable and willing to spent time with us. Mei Ru and Wynn seems to be in good chatting mood, so I just keep my silence most of the time. When you have two girls and one guy, the guy doesn’t get to talk much. Anyway, the purpose is still to spent time with Wynn and cheers her up a bit. I think we kinda achieve that.

I hope she would get better, having better sleeps and really move on with her life. No doubt we can never forget the one we love, or we used to love. But, I hope she won’t let it disrupt her life and hurt her health. Keep him in your heart as always, as he would like you to be happy and have a good life ahead. Be strong, and may happiness find you again, my dear friend.

PS: End up Mei Ru treat both of us as farewell. TQ.

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