Monday, December 05, 2005

I shall only lend my hand to those who need it

Since I was young, I always have tendency to only help those who could actually use my help. Meaning you must satisfy the following criteria
  • You need help
  • No other people is going to help you
  • I am capable of helping you
When my cousin sister first approached me to join her in her new business start-up, I viewed this as a business proposition. Her business’s nature (Education) is not really my forte, thus it doesn’t really interest me. But since I am thinking of quitting my job, helping her out part time could give me some minimal side income and perhaps some fix weekly activities (so that I don’t loose myself in the process of working solo). Thus I kinda agreed.

As time goes by, my perception kinda changed slightly. My cousin have been nice and caring to me all these while, and I appreciate that (she is probably my closest cousin). I should really help her in the area of ICT since she could really use my help, and she had almost zero computer knowledge (except using her DOS-based WordPerfect and remembering all the shortcuts). Though she could employ a IT Consultant or something like that, but that would cost her a lot of money and could achieve far less with many inconvenience. Besides, where could you find a IT Consultant which could help you setup/maintain a computer lab, do website/brochure/presentation slide/video and create ICT Teaching Syllabus for kids? So, I decide to help her since she could really use my help, and I am capable of it (though not exactly my favourite).

Last week her mom passed away, leaving her alone with other married siblings in this world. For the first time I felt, she could actually end up as a lonely woman (since she is not married, and both parent had passed away). Though sometimes I have doubt whether I should embark on this venture with her, but now I felt that I should really support her. As a cousin, as a family. My dad had raised his intention to help her in financial management once he quit his current job. Though this is still not exactly my favourite job, but I could and should spent some of my time to support and help her out. She is definitely someone worth helping, and she is a caring and good person.

We can’t be selfish all the time. Sometimes, we might want to think for others, and sacrifice a bit of ourselves and be there for them in time of needs. One day, who might be there for me? I really dunno.

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