Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Year End Celebration Part II: Unplanned Night Out with Wynn

The night is supposed to followed by a movie date, but I was disappointed at the last minute (my date FFK me, evil). I thought of going home, but I kinda wanted to watch the movie and why waste the tickets. Choosing a last minute person to go with me is pretty tricky, as some would mind to be chosen as a replacement. After some deep consideration, I decide to call Wynn. She is a perfect candidate, as she doesn’t feel tired easily, certainly could use some company and I would feel comfortable around her. My invitation is welcomed; sometimes I felt she is like a big sister to me. I dropped by her house to watch DVD as it is still early, and she had a very packed room. The bed had many comfy blanket and fluffy dolls, and a massaging pillow as well, cools. I picked the cartoon about the war pigeon thingy, but I couldn’t quite recall the title. It was pretty fun, but not exactly great. Since the other DVDs couldn’t play on her machine very well, decide to proceed with dinner instead.

I have a few choices in my mind, maybe Vietnamese Kitchen or the cool looking Shanghai Noodle and Siu Long Bao (Dragon-I). We choose the Shanghai food as I had tried the Vietnamese food many times. We have to take a number as the queue is pretty long, and wonder off to a kite shop where Wynn plan to give Mei Ru a kite as present. Though some of them are really nice, but they are too expensive as well. Then I bring Wynn to this clay shop where I had bought some clays but haven’t find time to make them.

Finally, it is dinnertime. I ordered quite a few dishes, as I have not been to this restaurant before. We have Shanghai Pork Rib Ramen, Shanghai Fried Nin Gou (年糕), Shanghai Siu Long Bau (小笼包) and Longan Hang Yan Tao Foo Far. The meal is pretty good, and the environment is pretty sophisticated with proper segmentation. They have area for big family dines out with big round table in big cubicles; U-Shape cushion-style for small groups of friends; and normal table for couple or a pack of four. I like Shanghai Fried Nin Gou, and it tasted almost like Min Fan Gou (面粉糕); The soup of the Shanghai Pork Rib Ramen is clear but unique; Shanghai Siu Long Bau is quite a disappointment as they have leakage of the soup within; and Longan Hang Yan Tao Foo Far had heavy Hang Yan smell which smell like preservative. Overall, it is still not bad, except for the crowd in peak hours on holidays.

We watched The Promise, (无极) which had a lousy storyline but interesting settings and characters. You could forget about the story, as it is pretty much pointless. The movie has nice scene and colourful costume, and some outrages stuff happening here and there. I am a sucker for these mythical war movies, so I quite like it. Wynn kinda find it pointless and lousy, which is true.

After the movie, it is suppertime again. Since Wynn can’t sleep early nowadays (insomnia), we might as well extend the night a bit. She bought me to this supper place in SS2, where the environment is pretty nice but noisy (a lot of people celebrating birthday and playing games). They have quite a number of games around for the customer, such as many variety of board games, cards, dices and wooden block. We kill some time playing "dum" until we can get our hands on the wooden block. We had quite some fun there.

I woke up late the next morning for work, and the thought of taking EL cross my mind as it is raining (perfect weather for sleep). Thinking the traffic might be good; I drag my lazy ass up in the end. I didn’t realised my sister is on holiday today, so she didn’t act as my backup alarm clock. I woke up almost eight, and manage to reach office before nine, not bad at all.

There goes my post Chiang Mai experience, which is filled with many plans and activities. A little bit too busy and packed perhaps, but not bad at all. Might be a busy week ahead, as I have to travel to Kuantan for another wedding dinner during the New Year weekend. I guess no countdown and clubbing for me this time.

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