Friday, January 20, 2006

About My Friends And Colleagues

With another 30 minutes to go, probably I could blog about my friends and colleagues here, so that I could remember them better many years down the road.

My Division

Amir: Probably one of the most hardworking and knowledgeable Malay I ever met

Chim: Muscle Man, safe and caring, a nice guy

Chooi: A nice chap, perhaps a bit lost

Hisham: The only Dato’s son I know off, quite a pleasant and friendly chap. I am still waiting for the pool side party at his place.

Kenny: Funny and talkative, a techie as well

Kok Wai: A nice and playful chap, always laughing

Michelle: A pretty lady, knows belly dancing

Richie: A serious chap

Rocklon: Nice and a good friend, a caretaker

Mei Ru: Talkative and playful, perhaps lost at times many unrealised potentials

Tang: A mature little girl

Rathi: A woman who knows exactly what she wants

Weng: A handsome boy

Wynn: Left same day as me, a good friend and sister

Yong: A soft lady with good English


Aslam: big and friendly, and enjoyed Pakistani or Hindi movie a lot (we all know what he did).

Chang Lian: The ever talkative tea lady, and she gets to go home at 4.30 p.m (we all know what side business she did)

Christine: A fair and adorable mommy, only if she could smiles more

Melissa: A cute chili

Cindy & Melva: A modern mom

Lana: A capable woman

Zai: King of the Talk

Esther: A friendly and caring lady

Sunny Goh: A humble guy

Siew Leng: A cute and friendly girl

Poh Ling: Chic in the office

Those Left Before Me

CL Wong: A strong manager

Khim: Got married and left, a nice lady

Karthik: Ask me to stay, but he left. Loud and powerful

Mr. Lee: Grey hair CEO, left before me. A great salesperson, friendly.

See Yen: Left with Mr. Lee, ever smiling girl which everyone likes

Cham: A capable man and a good friend

Yek: Employed me and left. A nice man though

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