Monday, January 16, 2006

Delicious Weekend

An unexpected weekend filled with fun and lots of good food. On Saturday, I went look for Wynn to learn to make some paper craft as present. I choose something simpler than the one she made for Mei Ru, nicked “Shooting Star” according to the book. Wynn is used to playing some HK series on her computer while doing work, while I was distracted by all the series (I like movies/series a lot, probably an addict too). Anyway the work isn’t too difficult, since I got a good teacher and helper. Though it could have finished earlier if I had focus more on the work rather than the series.

In between during lunch, we went to this Shanghai Dessert (鼎泰丰 – Din Tai Fung) place at SS2 because Wynn recommended that the Siu Long Bao is good (not leakage, not like last time). Besides, they have all king of fried Tim Sum kind of stuff, which is not bad at all. We ordered Chee Cheong Fun, Sin Har Kau, Bor Lor Char Siu Bao, Wu Kok and etc (can’t really recall the rest). These are simple dishes, but all off them taste above average. Wynn cautioned us not to order the mee, as it sucks.

We have a dinner gathering at Farmland Porridge Steamboat, Pudu. Rather than the usual steamboat soup, they use porridge instead. Quite interesting though, and isn’t bad at all (but neither very good). The place is packed with people. Nothing too special about the ingredients, the standard steamboat stuffs. We wanted to go for movie after dinner as it is still early, but we couldn’t get a suitable slot. Then we walk around Bintang Walk for a while and settle for Starbucks. Then we ditched Kenny and went to PJ for supper and play game at Island Cafe. We played this Jengga thingy (not sure what is the official name), removing wooden stick blocks from bottom and put them on top. It is fun and scary, haha.

Somehow the makan-makan spree continues until Sunday, where suddenly we have a movie night out at One Utama. First we have an early dinner at Bar B Q Plaza as everyone is hungry. I think this place is Thai style, with a mixture BBQ and a bit of steamboat. They have this mountain up in the center steel plate for BBQ, and lower surrounding water canal structure for steamboat (2 in 1, simple but amazing design). The ingredients are pretty normal, but still fun to eat. We have pork, bacon, beef, chicken, salmon and a whole lot of vegetables. At first we steam the vegetables, as the end we just BBQ and fried them (it is more fun).

We watched Moonlight in Tokyo (情义知我心), with Leon Lai (JUN) as the slightly retarded adult who is conned into being a duck (male prostitute, gigolo), while Chapman To (HOI) is the pimp. The movie is sometimes funny, yet sometimes very serious. I guess it is a good mix, as sometimes is easier to disguise good advice as jokes for better delivery. JUN favourite phrase is the movie is, “I don’t know how to speak Japanese, I am a Korean. I don’t know how to speak nor listen, I only know how to screw”. He start work in the morning to capture the market of lonely housewives, followed by at night for the sex hungry office ladies, and ended with midnight for the pub/club girls who wanted to be served instead. He collapsed in the street at the end due to too much hard work in a day (now I start to think it is harder for man to be a prostitute, as the energy consumption rate is higher). He managed to capture the heart of many of his customers with happy hugs and naive-ness. He likes a Chinese Lady who is his regular. Imagine a naïve duck in town, it would sure bring new life into this line of business.

After dinner, we went to this really nice supper place called Bakerzin. The decoration of this place is really nice, modern deco which is very comfortable. They have those big cushions as well, which is my favourite. They have ceiling to floor see though white cloth as divider, which kinda give some privacy and a good feel of mysterious. The menu is very nice as they have good picture with detail description, and they all look delicious to me (I am a sucker for all kind of dessert). We ordered a Cheesecake ice cream and ice-cream waffle, and both are absolutely superb. The tea (camomile) there is nice and interesting as well, I kinda like it. Actually, the feel of the place is just too nice to be true, is like super relaxing and calm. I practically would like to spend the whole day sitting there. Ahhh, just feel good. What if I make my SOHO into this environment?

PS: Mei Ru made these delicious cookies for Wynn and me as well :)

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