Friday, January 13, 2006

Just Another Extraordinary Day to Me

Yesterday is quite a happy night, tired, but happy and relaxing. You know what is the most awkward thing that could happen if you date someone for dinner? Is having nothing to talk about and have to try very hard to churn out some topics. Luckily, that didn’t happen and it is laughter all night, which is more than any good date can ask for. Feeling relax, comfortable and having unlimited supply of topics to talk about is all I could ask for, not to mentioned reluctant to leave the place and go home. Happy times do fly, and this is the most agreed statement.

As for my Presents of Hearts Project, I passed out the 2nd present in a satisfied manner. To my surprise, I got a gift as well :) Another one more to be made this weekend (as of the original plan), and perhaps made another small one (and cute) for a friend who is leaving me far far away. It is a good thing I had all these moods before I start getting busy soon with some serious work.

Yesterday night I think I have a mixture of numerous dreams until I was so tired when I wake up in the morning, feel like a sleepless night to me. There seems to be a cross of reality and dream in it, thus make it even more confusing. I guess the dreaming spree has not ended yet, perhaps there are really too many things on my mind.

I think I owe Fun Jai one farewell meal or some sort before I leave, but I don’t want her to misunderstood my intention. The situation is pretty tricky actually, neither do I want to ignore and distance myself (since she is after all a very close friend of mine, who been through some thick and thin with me), nor would I want to sent the wrong message. I would not mind being nice and pamper her a bit, but hurting her in the long run is not something I had in mind.

Today is Friday, another relaxing day, and another full week before I gain enormous freedom, and might loose something in return as well. Still got my Chiang Mai trip to write about, feel so tired as it is a very long and enormous memory. What else do I need to do? Figure out what to teach the children, order a computer for my cousin, buy a computer for myself and perhaps pick up some SOHO furnitures (sure is fun to find someone to tag along with me on this).

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