Monday, January 30, 2006

The New Doggie Year

Today is the 2nd day of Chinese New Year, and probably the last day of holidays for me. As usual, Chinese New Year is pretty boring for me, and it had got worst ever since I move to KL. Back in Kuantan, at least I get to visits friends’ house for Ang Pau, Gamble, Yum Cha, Bowling and Movies.

We had the symbolic family dinner on the night before Chinese New Year, with every family member around. Too bad bro is still too stubborn for whatever reasons he had in his mind on not eating together with us (or rather, dad). I hope someday he shall realise the hurt he had done all these years before it is too late. TV as usual after that, and somehow, TV just doesn’t seems that interesting anymore.

On the 1st day of Chinese New Year morning is the usual Mee Sua breakfast, and this new version doesn’t taste as good as it used to be. Perhaps the Ikan Bilis/Chicken soup had been replaced by sister’s vegetarian Bak Kut Teh soup. Luckily I had a last minute movie date for Fearless (it saves the day from total boringness). This show is pretty exciting as it is action packed, in good old Jet Li fighting style. “In this world, many things are never meant to be fair. I have no choice but to go through it”, the lesson I learnt from it. Actually the message they are trying to send is, “Martial Art are meant to build the body, mind and character. If it is used to hurt others, there shall be a never ending vengeance and vendetta”. I do find it is true that we should forgive whenever possible, as holding grudge is painful. More boring TV again for the night, arghhh!

The 2nd day of Chinese New Year isn’t getting any more fun. I wake up late, as there is nothing much to look forward. I end up playing Civilization IV, but I didn’t enjoy it much. Perhaps I had changed (no longer can call myself a gamer), and games are no longer fun to me (Shit!). One less thing to enjoy in life. Perhaps I have gotten too serious with less leisure time and too much on my mind. And I spent the night watching some TV again and writing this blog. How sad could it be? Where had the fun of Chinese New Year gone to? Had I changed? Or did the environment changed? Perhaps many things did changed, as changes is one of the certain things in this world. I miss the fireworks!

Since I don’t find myself resting nor having fun, then I might as well start work tomorrow. Sad indeed, but it doesn’t seem like much options are around.

May I have a good doggie year, blessed with good health, fortune and happiness. The same goes to you all :)

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Jacky said...

Wah, so early start working already...

Anyway, wish you have a wonderful doggie year ahead.