Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Sync the Love Clock

I still remembered I wrote about “The Friendship-Love-Friendship Deathtrap” quite sometimes ago, and I still feel boys and girls somehow wanting a relationship at a different timing, or wanting to get married at different timing.

Since I am a male, I can’t really talk behalf of the female species. But I think the process for guys are pretty simple: you start with a crush, end up liking her more, understand her a bit, get serious and gave commitment, and start falling very much in love. As you would have notice, should you fall in love first or should you have commitment first? I think the line lined is blurred, as someone told me like is a minor degree of love, while love is a major degree of like (喜欢是淡淡的爱,爱是深深的喜欢). But I don’t really care or mind which sequence it comes in, as long as I feel good about it.

I guess guys assumed the maturity of a relationship at a faster pace than girls, meaning they are ready to start a serious relationship earlier. Perhaps it is because guys don’t think too much, as long as the feel is good. Perhaps there is more in a girl’s mind, more consideration or maybe they are looking for a sign.

I wonder is it because guys are more aggressive or they are a no brainer in relationship matter. Perhaps guys think that relationship can be built along the way, as long as we manage to get things started. It is hard to wait for the perfect girl, perhaps we need to make one out of her along they way. They better we get along and understand each other, the more perfect she shall be.

As for lifetime commitment, I guess as long as we feel good about the relationship and financially sound, it shouldn’t be a problem (without too much unfulfilled business and dreams in mind). A person who are too selfish and self-centered cannot get along with other people very well, as accommodating another person in our life require much sacrifice.

PS: I am a philosophical person without much practicality, just for my own amusement at later time when I read this again :)

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