Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Farewell BBQ Party for Me, Wynn and Lim

Finally we managed to hoax Kenny to have a BBQ party at his place and as a farewell thingy for Me, Wynn and Lim (or just another excuse to have more fun). My mood is not actually that good on the day itself, but I returned home a happy boy.

Many were on leave on Monday, since the next day is a public holiday. So, they get to Kenny’s place to prepare the things earlier. The rest just drive from KL following Kenny’s doubtful map (which turned out quite accurate as well). I hitched a ride with Wynn.

Sit and wait for food only

The chefs hard at work


Kenny’s place is in Cheras, but it is a pretty nice place as well. Condominium/Apartment with adequate size pool, and a nice KL view from his room is available. Kenny’s father look exactly like Kenny (with many DNA similarity perhaps), and her sister have some small obvious similarity with him as well. Somehow I forgot to bring extra cloth, so have to borrow a short and T-shirt from Kenny (lucky it fits).

"Will you marry me?"

Smuxxx Smuxxx

We had BBQ at the poolside, with main food supplier from Chim with lots of chicken and lamb. The rest of the food includes garlic butter prawn, hotdog, chicken ball, banana choc, watermelon and star fruit, macaroni and cheese. The macaroni and cheese would taste much better if it is warm. I am not very into BBQ stuff, but they are okay for me. Garlic butter prawn is good, but too much of them are bad for health.

Dun Play Play

But food is secondary for the night; most important is fun, yeah! Mickey brought her boyfriend’s water gun, which would certainly start a water war. It begins with simple water gun war, where Lim did a very funny rolling stunt when Tang hides behind him. Then it continues with water bottle war, beer war, and water pail war, and finally ended with dumping Mei Ru and Tang into the pool (highlight of the night). I kinda worry for Mei Ru, since she kinda afraid being dumped into waters, so have to land her in softly. End up I am being attacked by Tang, shit! Got wet at the end also, gave me a perfect excuse to enjoy a night swim as well.

"Don't be Jealous. I feed you"

We Love Wynn!

Only I got present, hehe

The night swim is pretty enjoyable. I don’t usually swim, as I don’t know how to swim. But swimming at night is just fun, cold and dark. I dip myself in with head up, and really enjoyed the cool water, bright moonlight, moving clouds and some stars. Somehow it is really serene and calm me a lot, suddenly I felt very happy. It just turn the night into a perfect night. It is simply amazing.

We went up to Kenny’s apartment to clean up, where we used up most of his towels and T-Shirts. Kenny is nice and funny as usual. Mei Ru and Wynn use charcoal to draw tattoo on my body on the way up some more, naughty girls. The charcoal got stuck at some really hard to clean spot on my back. We had supper and Wynn sent me home. This is a good day after all.

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