Tuesday, January 17, 2006

We served KFC just like old times

I realised I just like KFC, even though it might not be a healthy fast food. Perhaps of memory, perhaps there is something really special with their secret recipe. McDonald just doesn’t feel or taste the same, just like another fast food, you come and you go at the blink of an eye. Though KFC somehow sucks nowadays as well (bad influence by McDonald), but I still very much missed the good old days.

In the good old days, KFC is more than a fast food; it is a cross between fast food and restaurant. First of all, it is not self-serviced; there are actually waiters and waitress around taking order for you in a very polite manner. There served the meal on a dining plate (yup, no paper plate), with the chickens, mashes potato, coleslaw and French fries (not wedges) on top. This is what I called a wholesome meal, served on a good plate. To hell with paper and plastics, they give you steel knife and fork. Somehow, the food just taste better served in such fashion.

The chicken taste better back then, probably because less fat and less oily, or perhaps healthier chicken. Nowadays, the amount of oil of chicken is inconsistent across different outlets. Someplace served super oily chicken, again and again. Someplace still serve good edible chicken, especially the one in Wisma Idris (Wisma KFC) and in SS2 (the 100th outlet). Luckily the mashed potato and coleslaw still taste as good as ever. The only good new products introduced for them over the decade is Hot & Spicy, the rest just failed miserably (some you even know it is doomed by just listening to the idea).

My favourite dessert is Jelly Ice Cream, where they served in this nice and tall ice cream cup. The jelly tastes superb with the vanilla ice cream. But they had switched them into cheap plastic cup, it just doesn’t taste nor feel the same anymore.

I noticed KFC switched from a fast food + restaurant hybrid to a low cost fast food outlet in competition with McDonald at that time (stupid McDonald decrease cost by using cheap paper plates and plastics, spoiling the perfect dining experience of KFC). I don’t blame KFC’s strategy to switch and adapt, as it is part of survival, but I really missed the old style. If only they could open one special outlet, which served quality KFC like the good old times, with tag line “We served KFC just like old times”. It would be so special and nice.

A friend of mine suggest we take away KFC back to home, and put them on those similar heavy white plastic plate, with steel nice and fork. Then try to reshape the jelly ice cream back into a nice cup, and enjoy a real KFC meal one more time again. Sounds very nice to me.

PS: I wonder if anyone eat KFC the same style as I did. I would open the bun, put some mashed potato and coleslaw in it with a few sliced of chicken (maybe wedges or French Fries as well); close it up and eat it like a hamburger :)


SpyMy said...

Nice article, KFC r0x, you've been spyed :)

Din said...

it is 10.26am in the morning, and you gave me a craving for KFC. I hate you. ;p