Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Chin Chuan’s Wedding back at Kuantan

Last Saturday I traveled back to Kuantan again, where I drive this time together with Kee Lim. SK is supposed to joined us as well, but she FFK me last minute. The road is pretty hilly and curvy for the 1st half, but it was pretty straight and pleasant for the 2nd half (the scenery is pretty nice as well).

I stayed at CK’s house as well this time. The Saturday was pretty boring, as most friend are busy with their outstation friends, girlfriends or the wedding. Thus no one have time for new year eve celebration, thus I spent the night listening to Karaoke’s session by CK’s and Chia Li’s (CK’s girlfriend for almost 11 years) family. Perhaps a good opportunity to sleep early, but suddenly CK drags me out for Yum Cha as he had to sent Chia Li and family home. We had quite a chit chat that night, topics revolve around our friends, career and future.

The Next Day, 1st JAN 2006, is Chin Chuan’s wedding (it is nice to get marry on this day, as it is a public holiday and everyone is in holiday mood plus the fresh hope of a new year; good for wedding anniversary as well). We are the first to arrive at Chin Chuan’s place to have breakfast. He had a whole bunch of relative getting busy at his place (his mom passed away a few months ago, thus the aunts are helping out). We took 8 cars out to pickup the bride, with about 2 dozens of brothers (兄弟), 3 video camera and god knows how many digital cameras. Once we arrived, the gate is locked with the Sisters (姐妹) behind it. There are multiple levels of challenges by the sisters, from the gate to house door to staircase to the bedroom door. We have some pretty outstanding Brothers; thus we have brains and bravery (不怕死). Besides the usual food and physical torture, the Sisters ask the groom about the bride’s personal stuffs as well (failure to answer any of them would lead to a punishment, I think he got 3 out of 5). Actually, the Brothers are being punished rather than the groom. At the end we have singing and declaration of love by the groom, kissing the bride and swept her of her feet. The day is followed by lots of tea ceremony and lunch buffet back at Chin Chuan’s house. We left his place soon to be continued by wedding dinner at night.

It’s time to hang out with friends again, and we went for bowling at Kuantan Megamall. It had been quite a while, and I think my bowling skill still stays at the same level during secondary school time. Still remember the only pass time we had last time is sports, bowling and movies.

The Angel Girls

Teck Keng & GF

Chin Chuan and Chai Yee

The wedding dinner is held as MS Garden (probably the Grandest hotel of Kuantan). This time we have quite a different set of friends joining the wedding, as there are more couples. Teck Keng brought his girlfriend from KL (she is a Kuantanian who now works in KL), Kien Pheng drive his girlfriend from Singapore (his gf stays in Malaysia), UJ’s brought his air stewardess girlfriend (she is our schoolmate) and Sai Hoo the playboy with another new beautiful girlfriend. It is nice to see more couples around, but I received more queries on when is my turn as well (to have a gf or to get married?). Like CK’s father said, there is no hurry, but action must be taken; and I agreed with him. The wedding is very warmth and nice, with the groom’s brother and cousin as the MC. These young boys does look good, cheerful and pleasant, and with nice girlfriend as well. Chin Chuan’s wife, Chai Yee, does look like a nice wife good mother material (贤妻良母). The MC talked about how Chin Chuan court his wife at UNITEN, plus opinions by their close friends. It is nice to have someone close and playful as the MC to make things less boring and livelier. The wedding ended nicely with lots of photo session.

We went for supper after dinner, where we talk of potential plan to go to Redang together in April. I hope it turns out successful.

PS: I wish Chin Chuan and Chai Yee have a beautiful life ahead.

PS: The trip down Kuantan gave me some thoughts

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