Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Fix the Fiture: Astrology and Horoscope

My Chinese Astrology: Earth Goat
Kind and loving, provided DES is in a good solid relationship, he will use his powers of imagination to good advantage. Smooth and debonnair, and oozing sex appeal, he will be the centre of attention at any party. As a consequence DES will pursue a whirlwind social existence of fun and pleasure.

My Sun Sign: Scorpio
Scorpio is the most mysterious sign of the Zodiac. As the sign that rules regeneration and transformation, it is synonymous with the whole life and death cycle and is therefore often considered to be a highly sexual sign. Yours is an intense nature, and you take life seriously. There is very little that escapes your probing mind, and your insights often border on the psychic. You love to dig deep and tease out mysteries, with a fascination for all things hidden, anything from the occult to psychoanalysis. You loathe superficiality and laziness. Your own drive and determination to succeed is so strong that it is sometimes difficult to understand other people's fear or indifference. In your personal relationships you can be both flirtatious and extremely passionate, but only a true soul mate will meet your deepest and most complicated needs. Power and control are key issues for you, and learning how to use these valuable resources wisely is the abiding Scorpio lesson.

My Moon Sign: Gemini
With the moon in Gemini, you have a love of argument (or discussion as you see it) for its own sake. Those who do not understand your approach describe you as 'inconsistent', 'argumentative' and 'petty'. In fact you are readier than most to reach a compromise. Nevertheless at heart lie the Gemini twins, that can provide two personas where ordinary mortals have to make do with one. Your personal relationships must provide constant stimulation and excitement or they quickly wither on the vine, so take care to find a partner with a similarly open mind who will not be offended by your 'Devil's Advocacy'. Your quick brain is capable of finding complex solutions to the most intracticable of human problems - but never forget that some people like to solve their own problems. However, on the basis that two heads are better than one, your capacity to get to the bottom of others' problems is a benefit that they should never ignore.

PS: I found the description somewhat accurate. I wonder how true is these things.

Source: Fix the Future Compatibility Test

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